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Environmental Working Group, from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Geographic Information Systems Analysis of the Surface Drinking Water Provided by Intermittent, Ephemeral and Headwater Streams in the U.S.
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Interactive map shows if your drinking water is at risk from Trump’s executive order

WASHINGTON, DC — “The Trump administration is threatening to remove safeguards that protect the drinking water of more than one-third of Americans. Some 117 million people get at least some of their drinking water from small streams. For 72 million people in 1,033 counties, more than half of their drinking […]

stowaways: Every year, an untold number of foreign organisms find their way into the Great Lakes in shipping ballast water. (Credit: Garitzko / Wikipedia)
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The cancer of the Great Lakes

NEW YORK, NY — “On a map, Lake St. Clair looks like a 24-mile-wide aneurysm in the river system east of Detroit that connects Lake Huron to Lake Erie, and that is essentially what it is. Water pools in it and then churns through as the outflows from Lakes Superior, […]

FirstEnergy's Perry nuclear plant. Photo By
Wainstead / Creative Commons
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New Ohio ‘bailout’ request shakes up nuclear/carbon debate

CLEVELAND — “The growing debate over nuclear power’s role in curbing emissions is running headlong into an ongoing controversy over “bailouts” for Ohio’s largest utility. FirstEnergy, which has previously sought support for noncompetitive power plants, is now asking Ohio lawmakers for ‘zero emission credits’ for its aging nuclear plants. Environmental […]

Act now Cincinnati, to keep your energy 100% clean and green
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Act now Cincinnati, to keep your energy 100% clean and green

CINCINNATI — Ever since the city of Cincinnati formed an electricity buying group for all residents in 2012, we’ve been able to get better prices. This process, called “aggregation” also allowed us to negotiate with competing suppliers to provide electricity from renewable sources like wind and solar, instead of buying […]