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IEEFA extra: Why coal bailouts won’t work
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IEEFA extra: Why coal bailouts won’t work

CLEVELAND — “‘Anyone who watches the energy markets knows the coal industry is in serious trouble. The political rhetoric around the energy markets is higher than it’s been for years, if not decades. The truth of the matter is that nothing can reverse the market forces that are pushing coal […]

The Perry nuclear power plant would get a consumer-paid subsidy if a proposal by its owner FirstEnergy is approved by Ohio lawmakers. The company is also hoping the Trump administration will re-design regional wholesale power markets to give more money to companies with large coal and nuclear power plants, even if the power the generate is more costly than that of wind and gas turbine plants. (photo: JOHN KUNTZ)
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FirstEnergy hoping DOE and Ohio will save its power plants

AKRON — “The electric company that championed competitive electricity markets less than a decade ago is now banking on a federal shakeup of those same markets, as well as a handout from Ohio lawmakers. FirstEnergy’s top executive today said the outcome of a 60-day U.S. Department of Energy study into […]