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In this Aug. 3, 2014, file photo, an algae bloom covers Lake Erie near the City of Toledo water intake crib about 2.5 miles off the shore of Curtice, Ohio (Associated Press file photo).
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Environmentalists sue EPA to designate Ohio’s portion of Lake Erie ‘impaired’

CLEVELAND — “Advocacy groups are challenging the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to accept Ohio’s assertion that its portion of Lake Erie does not meet the definition of impaired waters. The Ohio EPA did not include the state’s open waters on a list of impaired waterways when it submitted the […]

The coal truth: how a major energy source lost its power in Britain

The coal truth: how a major energy source lost its power in Britain

Coal supplied just 2% of power in the first half of 2017, marking a steep decline from just five years ago, according to analysis by Imperial College LONDON, ENGLAND — “This week, it emerged that ministers are disbanding a government and industry body created to secure the long-term future of […]

"Cancer Alley." Many cases of cancer have occurred in communities on both sides of the river, though the Louisiana Tumor Registry claims the numbers are not higher than the national average (Photo: Julie Dermansky).
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The Louisiana Environmental Apocalypse Road Trip

NEW ORLEANS, LA — “If you’re visiting New Orleans and want to see something truly amazing, take your beer or daiquiri to-go and walk a few blocks past the Superdome—you’ll find a school being constructed on an old waste dump. ‘All the toxins from the landfill are still there,’ says […]

China is crushing the U.S. in renewable energy
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China is crushing the U.S. in renewable energy

China may be the planet’s biggest polluter but it’s also powering ahead of other countries on renewable energy HONG KONG — “As the Trump administration yanks the U.S. out of the Paris climate change agreement, claiming it will hurt the American economy, Beijing is investing hundreds of billions of dollars […]

Wind turbines have become increasingly efficient, as longer wind blades have been developed. photo: Christian Charisius/Reuters
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US will meet Paris accord commitments even if Donald Trump withdraws, says report

Renewable energy will be the cheapest form of power in almost every country by 2020, analysts claim LONDON, ENGLAND — “The plummeting cost of renewable energy means even if Donald Trump pulls the US out of the Paris climate change accord, America will still meet its commitments in the agreement, a new report has […]