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The green scum shown in this 2011 image was the worst algae bloom Lake Erie had experienced in decades mage captured by the Landsat-5 satellite. Data provided courtesy of the United States Geological Survey.
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Nutrient pollution: Voluntary steps are failing to shrink algae blooms and dead zones

CAMBRIDGE, MA — “Summer is the season for harmful algae blooms in many U.S. lakes and bays. They occur when water bodies become overloaded with nitrogen and phosphorus from farms, water treatment plants and other sources. Warm water and lots of nutrients promote rapid growth of algae that can be […]

100,000 pages of chemical industry secrets gathered dust in an Oregon barn for decades — until now
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100,000 pages of chemical industry secrets gathered dust in an Oregon barn for decades — until now

NEW YORK CITY, NY — “For decades, some of the dirtiest, darkest secrets of the chemical industry have been kept in Carol Van Strum’s barn. Creaky, damp, and prowled by the occasional black bear, the listing, 80-year-old structure in rural Oregon housed more than 100,000 pages of documents obtained through […]

Fred. Olsen Renewables of Norway, commissioned this crane and drilling barge in 2015 to take core samples of the lake bottom about 8 to 10 miles offshore for the proposed Icebreaker Windpower project. The Ohio Power Siting Board has now accepted Icebreaker's application after holding it up in April for not including enough information about how it would monitor the impact of the project on bird, bats and aquatic life. (John Funk/Plain Dealer file photo)
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LEEDCo wind turbine application complete, says Ohio Power Siting Board

CLEVELAND —  “The siting board held up Icebreaker’s application in April after determining that the company had not fully explained its plans to monitor the impact of the construction of  the project on birds and bats and on fisheries and aquatic life. Since then Icebreaker has negotiated and signed agreements with […]

Rock ‘n Roll Against Dirty Coal: Live Band Karaoke Challenge
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Rock ‘n Roll Against Dirty Coal: Live Band Karaoke Challenge

CINCINNATI — Live the rock star dream in this live band karaoke contest fundraiser. Proceeds benefit Ohio Citizen Action’s campaign to break Ohio’s dependence upon inefficient, dirty coal plants and to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy use. Sign up to be a Core Contestant by contacting Melissa English or […]

Tilting at Windmills
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Tilting at Windmills

CLEVELAND — “Cleveland has been trying to develop offshore wind turbines on Lake Erie since 2004. After many false starts, construction on a pilot program will start in 2018, helped along by Project Icebreaker, which will allow year-round production in the partly frozen lake. Should this six-turbine wind farm on […]