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Haley Staudmyer, 18, of Pickerington High School North, waits to board the bus that took her to Charleston, W.Va., on Tuesday to testify in the Environmental Protection Agency’s only public hearing on the repeal of the Clean Power Plan. About 50 Ohioans from Columbus, Athens and Cleveland testified at the hearing. [Courtney Hergesheimer/Dispatch]
Clean Power Plan

Ohioans testify on proposed repeal of Clean Power Plan at West Virginia hearing

CHARLESTON, WV — “A Pickerington high school senior shared the stage with powerful Ohio coal magnates Tuesday in the only opportunity the public has to formally voice their opinion about the Clean Power Plan. About 270 people registered to testify at the two-day public hearing that began Tuesday in the heart of […]

The Kayford Mine near Charleston, West Virginia (Credit: Dennis Dimick / FLICKR).
Coal / Mountaintop Removal

A troubling look at the human toll of mountaintop removal mining

NEW HAVEN, CT — “The devastating environmental impacts of mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia have long been well documented. But over the last decade, Indiana University researcher Michael Hendryx has been examining another consequence of this form of coal surface mining that had previously been overlooked: the health impacts on […]

Lake Erie water that has turned green from an algae bloom laps ashore at South Bass Island State Park.
Lake Erie / Water Quality

Ohio releases plan to curb Lake Erie algae blooms by 2025

COLUMBUS — “Ohio has taken the first step in its role in a bi-national plan to address the annual toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie. The state released its ‘Domestic Action Plan 1.0‘ on Friday. It is part of a 2015 deal made among several states, the U.S. Environmental Protection […]

Chemical plant owners urged to prepare for worst-case flooding

Chemical plant owners urged to prepare for worst-case flooding

U.S. Chemical Safety Board says facilities, especially in Gulf of Mexico coast, need to ready for extreme weather events WASHINGTON, DC — “The U.S. Chemical Safety Board is warning that many industrial sites where hazardous materials are stored may not be adequately prepared for extreme weather events. A dayslong chemical fire […]

Industrial Strength: How the U.S. Government hid fracking’s risks to drinking water
Hydraulic Fracturing

Industrial Strength: How the U.S. Government hid fracking’s risks to drinking water

A pivotal EPA study provided the rationale for exemptions that helped unleash the fracking boom. The science was suppressed to protect industry interest WASHINGTON, DC — “For …all those who believe their water has been tainted by fracking, there are few remedies. Congress took away the most powerful one in 2005, […]

Rumpke landfill expansion surface water quality permit hearing held at Fernald Preserve
Rumpke Landfill

Rumpke landfill expansion surface water quality permit hearing held at Fernald Preserve

CROSBY TOWNSHIP — On November 13, some twenty-five people attended the Ohio EPA hearing on Rumpke’s request to allow further degradation of surface water quality in the quest to nearly double their flagship landfill. OEPA representatives pointed out that in their estimation, the degradation would still comply with state water quality […]

Credit: Sky3 / WBTV
Coal Ash / Duke Energy

Emails reveal how Duke edited scientific reports on coal ash, coordinated with advisory board chair

CHARLOTTE, NC — “Emails and documents obtained by WBTV show senior officials at Duke Energy edited reports prepared by at least one professor hired by the company to prepare independent scientific reports related to the impact of coal ash ponds on groundwater. The documents also show a second professor, Dr. […]

Eramet / Good Neighbor Campaigns

High Manganese levels in kids in East Liverpool linked to lower IQ

PITTSBURGH, PA — “A new study shows kids with higher levels of the metal manganese in their bodies have lower IQ scores. The study, published in the journal NeuroToxicology, looked at about 100 children between the ages of 7 to 9 in East Liverpool, Ohio. The town is about 40 miles […]

Duke Energy / Energy / Fixed Rate Hikes

44 Duke customers speak out against fixed rate increase

CINCINNATI — Retirees, solar industry professionals, engineers, people on the PIP (utility assistance) program and many others told their stories to PUCO regulators last week, as they agency weighs Duke’s proposed fixed rate hike. Their stories differed, but their message was clear- no rate hike. Colerain Township resident Rich McVay pointed […]

The Davis Besse nuclear plant is among those covered by a proposed FirstEnergy settlement. 
Photo by Marc Haserodt / Creative Commons
Energy / FirstEnergy / Nuclear Energy

Ohio needs a clean energy future, not a no-strings-attached bailout

AKRON — “It’s understandable that FirstEnergy’s hometown newspaper, the Akron Beacon Journal, supports its own utility monopoly. Yet justifying that support and advocating for FirstEnergy’s proposed nuclear bailout on environmental grounds is a surprise…and misdirected. FirstEnergy’s proposal merely is yet another attempt to force customers to prop up its uneconomic power plants. […]