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Mike Hartley is a consultant with the Ohio Conservative Energy Forum, an organization that supports an “all-of- the-above” energy future that includes clean and renewable energy innovation and solutions.
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Opinion: Ohio conservatives value renewable energy

COLUMBUS — “Job creation. Economic growth. Property rights. These priorities have long been at the heart of conservative policymaking because they enrich our communities with opportunity and help individuals and families pursue the American dream on their own terms. Right now, Ohio has an opportunity to advance and defend these conservative […]

Wind energy growth in Ohio slowed in past year
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Wind energy growth in Ohio slowed in past year

COLUMBUS — “Wind turbines continue to sprout across the United States and Ohio, but the pace slowed in 2017, and industry advocates continue to have grave concerns about Ohio rules that limit where turbines can be placed. The industry completed projects this past year that add up to 7,017 megawatts, […]