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Ohio Valley Electric Corp.'s 1,304-megawatt Clifty Creek coal plant in Madison, Ind. Crowezr/Wikipedia
AEP / Coal / Duke Energy / FirstEnergy / Ohio Utility Bailouts

Money pit or fuel hedge? In Midwest, it depends who’s paying

WASHINGTON, DC — “How can two companies tell a federal judge that the 60-year-old coal plants are a financial albatross and simultaneously argue to utility regulators that the plants are a good investment for consumers? And rely on the work of the same consultant? The answer depends on who’s paying […]

Carla Walker, Ohio Citizen Action board member
Environmental Justice / Ohio Citizen Action

Our people, our planet: T’Challa and Wakanda are green examples to follow

CINCINNATI — “The good news is that we don’t have to wait for a vibranium wrapped brother to help us out. We can, however, follow his lead. Environmental justice is not a not new issue nor is it a new term. Communities of color have been on the frontline of the […]