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Candidate Education Project

Ohio Citizen Action and Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund do not endorse candidates. Long ago, our members made clear they didn’t want us to do so, but preferred we provide information in an unbiased manner so that they might make informed choices for themselves. For 2018, we’ve decided to focus on the Ohio governor’s race.

Project 2022

In partnership with a dozen other non-profit environmental groups, we created a roadmap for Ohio’s next governor to create the state’s environmental agenda and claim a national leadership role in protecting our environment while also building our economy. The document lays out recommendations for the first 100 days, first year and first term in the areas of land conservation, energy & air quality, water, oil/gas extraction and transmission, transportation and environmental justice & just transition.  During the campaign, we intend to meet with both candidates to begin a dialog about the recommendations.

Read the Project 2022 document

Bird-dogging Ohio’s next governor to safeguard our environment

To reinforce the message that Ohioans want their next governor to create a strong environmental agenda, we’re recruiting volunteers to ask questions based on the Project 2022 document at campaign events for both candidates. By filling out a simple form, volunteers will receive emails alerting them when either Richard Cordray (D) or Mike DeWine (R) will speak publicly. They’ll also receive sample questions, a bird-dogging guide and instructions about how to hold the candidates accountable for their comments through social media.

Sign up to bird-dog here

Informing and turning out Clean Energy Voters

Since 2016 we’ve been identifying and scoring Clean Energy Voters, people who are likely to consider clean energy when voting. We will distribute campaign finance information and voting records related to energy in 2018 and encourage self-identified Clean Energy Voters to vote and vote early.

Check out’s searchable database for details on who’s funding Cordray and DeWine’s campaigns.

Read our Governor’s race fact sheet and download your own copy.

  • Here are links to the National Institute on Money in Politics’ Follow the Money project for both candidates across all their races.

Mike DeWine            Richard Cordray

Energy platforms for both candidates

Rich Cordray 

Mike DeWine

Are you registered?

If you’ve moved or haven’t voted for awhile, your registration may be invalid. Please check the Ohio Secretary of State’s website to be sure you can vote in this election. You can also register to vote by printing out this form and mailing it to your county board of elections by October 9.

Please help us inform voters and educate candidates in Ohio’s governor’s race with  your contribution.