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Ohio Citizen Action board member Nancy Sullivan’s life of service

Nancy Sullivan transformed her life in Price Hill, works now to transform Price Hill itself

Nancy Sullivan wants "to work with people on the margins to transform their lives"

Nancy Sullivan wants “to work with people on the margins to transform their lives”

CINCINNATI — “An average day for Sullivan may include an early morning call from a new immigrant who needs a ride to work, taking a child to school or to the doctor’s office, making plans for driving someone else to Cleveland for immigration proceedings and then counseling a young woman about domestic abuse and family planning.

This is on top of the official programming of Transformations, which includes after-school programs, tutoring and ESL, GED and computer classes for adults. The organization also helps connect those in need to medical care and physical resources (like food, furniture and clothing) and teaches basic financial skills. Recently, they’ve formed a cooperative of women making tamales for income since they can’t legally obtain employment elsewhere.

Sister Tracy Kemme works with the Latino immigrant population in Price Hill as well. She is a Sister of Charity and the Latino Ministry Coordinator at Holy Family Parish. She knows Sullivan from her work in the neighborhood and, though they don’t often work together directly, they have parallel missions.

About Sullivan, Kemme says, ‘She is very close to the people of Price Hill. She is very committed to those who are marginalized in our community. She is authentic in living the values she wishes to see in the world, incredibly generous with her time and resources, always willing to go the extra mile to help someone in the community. She is strong in her beliefs and unafraid to speak out for what is right.'”

— Liz McEwan, Soapbox Cincinnati

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