3,091 Ohioans urge Heartland Petroleum to upgrade their facility and be a good neighbor

COLUMBUS — Since July, 3,091 Ohioans have sent letters, messages, and children’s pictures to William Snedegar, CEO of Heartland Refinery Group,urging him to upgrade his plant. Letters focus on eliminating emissions which endanger employees at Heartland and surrounding businesses and other offices. One child wrote:

Dear Mr. William C. Snedegar,
Hi, my name is Claire and I am 12 years old. I am writing this letter to tell you to stop putting sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride into our atmosphere. When you put that stuff into our air you are making people very sick. I also want to let you know you are creating another type of air pollution. So please STOP POLLUTING!!

Kate Russell, Columbus Area Organizer, Ohio Citizen Action