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44 Duke customers speak out against fixed rate increase

CINCINNATI — Retirees, solar industry professionals, engineers, people on the PIP (utility assistance) program and many others told their stories to PUCO regulators last week, as they agency weighs Duke’s proposed fixed rate hike. Their stories differed, but their message was clear- no rate hike.

Colerain Township resident Rich McVay pointed out the percentage of residents in his community existing at or below the poverty level.  His testimony also suggested that Duke might find cost savings in their current operations that would offset the $15 million they say they need for grid modernization. Ross resident Lisa Crawford talked about how people on fixed incomes, like herself, might lose their homes if they can’t afford to pay Duke. And the  testimony of James O’Reilly of Cincinnati pointed out that Duke’s industrial and commercial customers can absorb a rate hike as a “routine, (tax) deductible business expense”, which most of us cannot. Ohio Citizen Action Executive Director, Rachael Belz also testified on behalf of the group’s 32,000 members, quoting from several letters the group’s collected from field canvassing. The hearings have now concluded, but public comments are still being accepted.

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