7,840 parents, neighbors, children, and business owners urge Kokosing Asphalt to do more to reduce pollution

CLEVELAND — Since April 2010, 7,840 Ohioans have sent letters, messages, and children’s drawings to decision makers at Kokosing Asphalt urging the company to take the necessary steps to reduce its pollution as close to zero as possible.  Some letters have come from parents who understand what it’s like to live with breathing problems because they have children with asthma and wonder how Kokosing’s pollution is harming children who live near the plant.

Area business owners have urged Kokosing to live up to its own goals, to “operate with honesty and integrity” and to “be a good member of the community.”  Numerous pictures from children throughout northeast Ohio simplify the problem to its root cause, urging Kokosing not to pollute because “pollution is bad for you” and to reduce odors because “pollution is stinky.”

Stephen Gabor, Cleveland Area Campaign Director, Ohio Citizen Action