Ohio ignores the evidence on renewables Ohio ignores the evidence on renewables
Advocacy group pushes Ohio officials for more disclosure of fracking chemicals Charred trucks and equipment at the scene of the June 28 chemical fire at the StatOil North America well pad. Adam Cairns, Columbus Dispatch
The Eisenbarth well fire: Ohio fails in a fracking emergency The Eisenbarth well fire: Ohio fails in a fracking emergency
Report: What’s Wrong With FirstEnergy Report: What’s Wrong With FirstEnergy
Ohio Utility Bailouts What’s the problem?

What’s the problem?

Ohio is at a crossroads about the future of energy use in our state. As ratepayers we need to speak out now. Three of Ohio’s four largest utilities — companies that rarely agree on anything — are teaming up in an attempt to dial back on deregulation. Stop the bailout […]

Jobs at Ohio Citizen Action Looking for more than just a job?

Looking for more than just a job?

You’ll find it at Ohio Citizen Action. This is the chance to roll up your sleeves and make a difference. You’ll get to know the environmental issues and the people they affect in our area. Here, you can really put your values into action by earning a living and making […]

Contribute Your contribution helps us win

Your contribution helps us win

Your donations provide support for research, community organizing, and lobbying for campaigns including giving Ohioans the right-to-know and the right to say no about hydrofracking in our state, moving Ohio away from its reliance on dirty coal-fired power plants, and “good neighbor campaigns” in which neighbors of polluting facilities have […]

Volunteer We are all Ohio Citizen Action

We are all Ohio Citizen Action

The involvement of our members has been key to our success. That’s why we need your help. If you’d like to get involved, please fill out the brief form below. You will receive a follow-up call from our local campaign director who can discuss with you specific ways you can […]

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An explosion at an oil well near Bolivar, Ohio, in 2012 killed a worker, hurled a tank more than 250 feet and alarmed neighbors. Photo by Brandie Hanley.
Hydraulic Fracturing

SAFETY: The drilling industry’s explosion problem

WASHINGTON, DC — “The oil and gas industry has more deaths from fires and explosions than any other private industry, according to an EnergyWire review of federal labor statistics. It employs less than 1 percent of the U.S. workforce, but in the past five years it has had more than […]

Radioactive chemicals discharged into Cuyahoga River

Radioactive chemicals discharged into Cuyahoga River

CLEVELAND — “Channel 3 News has learned exclusively that toxic and radioactive chemicals are being discharged into the Cuyahoga River through a storm sewer and making their way out to Lake Erie. ‘They’re poisoning the river. It’s as simple as that,’ said Jane Goodman,the executive director of the Cuyahoga River […]

Another blow to the solar industry as PUCO nixes in-state sourcing rule

Another blow to the solar industry as PUCO nixes in-state sourcing rule

COLUMBUS — “It’s official: Ohio power companies no longer have to get half of their renewable energy from in-state providers. A law signed in July made clear the state’s requirement that a 2008 law mandating alternative energy make up 25 percent of a utility’s power source by 2025 be frozen […]

The Gen. James M. Gavin Power Plant in Cheshire, Ohio (Richard Martin)
AEP / Coal / Energy

For $20 million, a coal utility bought an Ohio town and a clear conscience

CHESHIRE — “The plants, though, are still there, consuming about 35,000 tons of coal every day. A gray mountain of coal ash looms above what’s left of the town. AEP, though, may not have entirely escaped liability for the environmental effects of the plants: In early September a new lawsuit […]

The Gavin Power Plant near Cheshire, Ohio. (Photo by Jeff Lovett via Creative Commons)
AEP / Coal / Energy

Ohio pollution complaint unrelated to coal ‘bailout’ plan

CHESHIRE — “American Electric Power (AEP) is on notice that it may be sued for alleged violations of the Clean Air Act by its Gavin Power Plant in Cheshire, Ohio. Last week, the Sierra Club sent a 60-day notice of intent to sue, which claims that excess emissions of sulfur dioxide created a ‘public nuisance‘ in […]

AEP and the Sierra Club are battling over the company's coal plants.
AEP / Coal / Energy

No quiet period for AEP Ohio in PR game

COLUMBUS — “The latest proposal from AEP Ohio is perhaps its most complicated: It wants Ohio customers to shoulder the risk for four of its coal-fired power plants to ensure their long-term viability. It’s a complicated proposal, spurred by the impact of federal environmental regulations, the rising prominence of U.S. shale gas and […]

FirstEnergy’s stock prices have slipped, compared to other energy and industrial companies. Courtesy IEEFA.
Coal / Energy / FirstEnergy

Report: FirstEnergy’s coal focus ‘not a winning strategy’

CLEVELAND — “FirstEnergy’s effort to get Ohio consumers to subsidize noncompetitive power plants is short-sighted and won’t guarantee long-term financial health, according to a new report. That’s because FirstEnergy continues to center its business around coal, instead of adapting to competition, changing markets and newer technologies, says the report, released last week […]

Study links hundreds of Ohio quakes to fracking
Energy / Hydraulic Fracturing

Study links hundreds of Ohio quakes to fracking

COLUMBUS — “A new study suggests fracking triggered hundreds of small, unnoticeable earthquakes in eastern Ohio late last year, months before the state first linked seismic activity to the much-debated oil-and-gas extraction technique. Rowena Lohman, an assistant professor of geophysics at Cornell University who was not involved in the study, said […]

Ohio ignores the evidence on renewables

Ohio ignores the evidence on renewables

CAMBRIDGE, MA — “Unfortunately, the Ohio legislature seems to have been swayed by a misinformation campaign waged by the fossil fuel and utility special interests. So, while the rest of the nation moves forward on building a low-carbon future and a next-generation electricity system with substantive contributions from energy efficiency […]

Kathryn King (with her turkey Kojak) raises rare heritage turkeys, which retain historic characteristics that are no longer present in the majority of the birds raised today, at her 3-acre property in rural Loudon Township in southern Carroll County.
Hydraulic Fracturing

Researchers find chemicals in the air in rural Carroll County

CARROLL COUNTY — “According to researchers, the air-sampling material used can collect thousands of different chemicals, including semivolatile organic compounds that can have an impact on human health. The chemicals include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which may be related to drilling activities. PAHs are a group of more than 100 chemicals […]