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A bad nuclear bailout bill in Ohio is now a whole lot worse. The Senate needs to sink it – or amend it

“Yet none of that can mask what HB 6 has become: a platter of goodies for deep-pocketed special interests who spent liberally — not just in advocating for this legislation but also on Householder’s efforts to get his supporters elected or re-elected to the Ohio House, so they could choose him as speaker.

One of those pals is Ohio House Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Nino Vitale, a Republican from Urbana in southwest Ohio, who showed his disdain for those who could be hurt by the bill’s elimination of requirements that utilities help customers save on energy use by saying in an email that ‘a little hunger in the belly or being a little cold on some really cold days’ can be a good thing. Ouch.

Vitale also showed his contempt for alternative viewpoints during committee debate on HB 6 by ignoring the Democrats on the committee.

Householder — who named Vitale to the committee chairmanship — excused this misbehavior by suggesting that term limits have kept more seasoned lawmakers from office.

But the reality is that HB 6 is a priority bill for Householder and his team. Whatever it takes to get it across the finish line is likely OK.

It’s now up to the Ohio Senate to guard the state’s interests, not just special interests. At a minimum, as our editorial board previously urged, senators should make this bad bill better, by preserving the state’s green-energy and energy-efficiency mandates and by eliminating Ohio’s unreasonable wind-energy setback rules.”

— Editorial Board, and The Plain Dealer 

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