Cleveland Incinerator

A green Cleveland must focus on best practices, not petty politics: editorial


CLEVELAND — “Nearly five years and over a half-million dollars later — Tien and Princeton Environmental Group did all right for accomplishing nothing – the Cleveland Department of Public Works recently solicited bids to build, own and operate a waste management facility that embraces recycling and composting and provides an environmentally sound and cost-effective alternative to dumping 230,000 tons of city trash annually in landfills.

…Nathan Rutz of Ohio Citizen Action, a grass-roots environmental advocacy group, argues gasification has simply been replaced by incineration.

If the city jettisoned the fuel pellet component, Rutz would get on board.

There will always be disagreements over the best strategy to achieve sustainability. But all should agree that is the goal.

Now the city needs to work with the community to make it happen.”

— editorial, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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