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AARP strongly opposes nuclear bailout bill

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COLUMBUS — “‘The idea that Ohio utility customers would be asked to not only bail out a profitable corporation but also be required to pay legacy fees for conservation programs that may not exist in the future or provide consumer benefit is absurd and unfair,’ said Sykes.

‘Ohioans expect their elected leaders to be transparent about hidden costs in the form of legacy or mandatory fees, taxes and charges,’ said Semanthie Brooks, an Akron-area resident and AARP Ohio Volunteer Executive Council member.

‘The bill, as written today, does not deliver in a clear, identifiable way, any benefit to Ohio’sconsumers, manufacturers or future. Instead it promises savings and jobs, but has no specific language outlining due process to ensure that will happen. It will actually increase utility bills and in a very unnecessary and unfair way,’ said AARP Ohio Manager of Advocacy Luke Russell.

‘Utility customers in Ohio expect to pay fair and reasonable prices for electricity- and not a dollar more. AARP will continue to fight unfair increases in utility rates in Ohio.'”

— PR Newswire

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