Ohio Citizen Action Gram

The ActionGram takes the popular Postagram app one step further. With the Postagram app you can send real postcards from your smartphone, using photos from your phone, Instagram or Facebook. With the new ActionGram, when a public official, company official or other decision maker needs to hear from us, we’ll send you an alert with all the details. You can immediately send — from your phone, wherever you are — a real postcard about the issue with your own message. You can decide what photo goes on the postcard. It can be a photo of you, your family, your friends and relatives, your neighborhood, the polluting factory you drive by every day, or the drilling rig next door. The new app is now ready for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. It’s a free download from the iTunes App Store. Each ActionGram you send costs 99 cents, processed through Postagram. We’ll offer a version for Android phones as soon as technically possible.


Don’t have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod? No problem.

You can still send a real postcard online to a public official, company official or other decision maker. Simply click the link below to send a postcard with your computer.