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Advocates: Don’t excuse FirstEnergy from safe closure, cleanup

Environmental groups want the bankruptcy court to keep FirstEnergy on the hook for decommissioning and cleanup.

Perry Nuclear Power Station as seen from Headlands State Park, Mentor, Ohio (Credit: Wainstead/Public Domain)

AKRON — “FirstEnergy Solutions’ bankruptcy should not excuse the company and its affiliates from the safe closure and cleanup of its power plants, environmental advocates say.

A motion by four environmental groups asks the bankruptcy court to make sure FirstEnergy and its subsidiaries — and not taxpayers or ratepayers — pay for decommissioning and cleaning up three nuclear power plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

‘FirstEnergy is the parental guarantor to ensure that there are sufficient funds to fully and safely decommission the Davis-Besse, Perry and Beaver Valley nuclear plants,’ said Howard Learner, executive director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center. ‘FirstEnergy should not be allowed to use the bankruptcy process to shiftits financial obligation onto taxpayers.’

Other groups signing onto the bankruptcy court motion include the Environmental Defense Fund, Ohio Citizen Action and the Ohio Environmental Council. The groups want a go-ahead to continue regulatory proceedings relating to the nuclear plants. The companies also want to seek financial assurances to cover timely and responsible cleanup of coal ash disposal sites and sludge disposal ponds at the debtors’ fossil fuel plants.”

— Kathiann M Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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