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Advocates seek assurance on decommissioning funds for FirstEnergy nuclear plants

FirstEnergy’s Davis Besse nuclear plant at Oak Harbor, Ohio. Photo by AlienCG / Creative Commons.

AKRON — “Environmental advocates have jumped another hurdle in their quest to make sure FirstEnergy and its subsidiaries provide enough funding for safe closure of their nuclear power plants.

On August 2, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission made an initial recommendation to accept the Environmental Law & Policy Center’s petition for review on whether the trust funds set up for that purpose will have enough money after the bankruptcy of FirstEnergy’s generation subsidiaries.

Beyond the bankruptcy court, FirstEnergy has been pushing for a bailout for nuclear and coal plants, and in June President Trump told Energy Secretary Rick Perry to take steps to stop the loss of such “fuel-secure” plants.

Earlier this year, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a unanimousdecision that there was no emergency justifying protection from competition for coal and nuclear plants. Yet this month FERC Chief of Staff Anthony Pugliese announced that the agency is working to identify ‘critical’ plants that could get the benefit of a bailout from the Trump administration.”

— Kathiann M Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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