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AEP CEO on PUCO: ‘Turnover is a challenge’ but new leader knows issues

AEP CEO Nick Akins

AEP CEO Nick Akins

COLUMBUS — “AEP and the state’s other electric utilities are in the midst of major state-level decisions as they face issues stemming from operating in Ohio’s deregulated marketplace.

The PUCO, the state agency that oversees Ohio’s power industry, has experienced sizable churn at the top in the last few years. Three different people have led the commission since last year. Todd Snitchler left in April after becoming chairman in 2011. Tom Johnson replaced Snitchler before being replaced this month by attorney Andre Porter.

Akins praised Porter’s experience – he served as a commissioner from 2011 to 2013 before leading the Ohio Commerce Department. His return ‘is a positive thing in at least being aware of what the issues fully are,’ Akins said.”

— Tom Knox, Columbus Business First

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