AEP / Fixed Rate Hikes

AEP proposes increase to Customer Charge Line on electric bill

Cathy Cowan Becker, Columbus, looks at her AEP bill. photo: Andy Chow

COLUMBUS — “State energy regulators are looking over a new plan, proposed by AEP, that would allow the utility company to increase rates on customer electric bills.

AEP is asking to increase a certain line item on electric bills by 120%. That ‘customer charge’ would go up about $10 more a month. Rachel Belz with the advocacy group Ohio Citizen Action notes AEP just tried and failed to raise rates to help its struggling coal plants.

‘They just keep reaching right into the pockets of their residential customers.’

AEP contends that other charges are dropping so the increase for an average ratepayer will be a dollar and change. But Belz argues the customer charge hike will disproportionately affect lower income customers.”

— Andy Chow, Statehouse News Bureau

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