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AEP to close Picway plant most of the year

Unit 4 at AEP's Muskingum River plant will be idled most of the year.

Utility will run older generators at 6 plants only during summer

COLUMBUS — “In a cost-cutting measure, American Electric Power will scale back operations at six power plants, including its Picway plant near Lockbourne and its Muskingum River plant near Beverly in Washington County…

The affected generators at Picway, Muskingum and Sporn emitted a combined 37,866 tons of pollutants tied to smog, soot and acid rain in 2009. They also emitted more than 2.7 million tons of carbon dioxide, the key pollutant linked to global warming.

‘It would make sense to take the ones off-line that are highly polluting and expensive to clean up,’ said Sandy Buchanan, director of Cleveland-based Ohio Citizen Action.”

— Spencer Hunt, Columbus Dispatch

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