Cleveland Incinerator

Air permit denial for Cleveland waste-to-energy plant would be a plus, particularly since the plant is unlikely to be built


CLEVELAND — “Now, it turns out the city will owe [Incinerator project consultant Peter] Tien an additional $450,000 should the state EPA issue an air emissions permit.

Ken Silliman, chief of staff for Mayor Jackson, acknowledges that the permit probably wouldn’t be used, since gasification is no longer the city’s ‘preferred option.’

Neighbors of the Ridge Road site where some sort of trash-to-energy plant would be built are adamantly opposed to such a project and the city has no money to build it. However, according to its contract with Tien, the city must make a good-faith effort to secure the permit.

Failure is definitely an option, though. How about a little help, Ohio EPA?”

— editorial, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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