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AK wants to use device to remove pollution from Dick’s Creek, Monroe Ditch

Public warning sign along Dicks Creek in Middletown. (Scott Dye/Sierra Club)

MIDDLETOWN — “AK Steel is seeking a permit to use an air stripper to assist with the cleanup of Dick’s Creek and Monroe Ditch.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency will hold an information session and public meeting later this month to discuss the air stripper, which would be used to remove airborne pollution transferred when contaminated water is extracted from landfills at AK Steel’s Middletown Works.

The hearing will take place at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 23, the Middletown Council Chambers, 1 Donham Plaza.

The equipment will be used as part of the larger cleanup efforts that the company agreed to as the result of a suit brought by Ohio EPA, U.S. EPA and joined by the Sierra Club.”

— Jessica Heffner, Middletown Journal

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