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All eyes on Davis-Besse

The Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station (Creative Commons)

CARROLL TOWNSHIP —  “At almost 500 feet above the ground, Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station’s cooling tower has loomed over Lake Erie like a concrete lighthouse for 40 years, with a water vapor plume that can be seen more than 30 miles away on a clear day.

…But nuclear power plants are in jeopardy.

That’s how Sam Belcher, FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co.’s president and chief nuclear officer, sees it, and that means an uncertain future for Davis-Besse.

‘Clearly our belief is these plants are valuable to the state,’ Belcher said as he sat in one of the plant’s conference rooms, adding, ‘Others may be able to come in and do it differently.’

Right now, the company is continuing with its strategic review to determine the fate of Davis-Besse and its two other nuclear power plants in the region.

Belcher said the decision on whether to keep Davis-Besse open, sell it or close the plant will likely come in the middle of 2018.”

— Daniel Carson, Fremont News-Messenger

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