Alumni news: Stephen Rohs

CLEVELAND — Stephen Rohs, a professor at Michigan State University, canvassed for Ohio Citizen Action’s Toxic Action Project in Cincinnati for six months in the late 1980s. He also canvassed for Dallas’ Texans United office for four months, where he worked on Superfund sites, the Clean Air Act, and the clean- up of the Trinity River.

After receiving his PhD in American Studies at Michigan State, he became a professor at MSU’s James Madison College of Public Affairs. His book, Eccentric Nation: Irish Embodiment and Performance in Nineteenth-Century New York City was published in 2009 by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. He says, “before settling on cultural studies of music and performance, I did some work in graduate school on  nature studies, [specifically] deep ecology and the philosophy of ecology, which grew directly out of my experiences at Toxic Action. I still am an advocate of clean air and water, and have become particularly interested in the ways that the modern underclass in the United States and elsewhere are victims of poor environmental planning.”

— Erin Campbell, intern, Ohio Citizen Action