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Analysis: Ratepayer’s foot the bill for utilities’ push against rooftop solar

Credit: Kristian Buus / Creative Commons

ST. PAUL, MN — “A recent story in the New York Times raised new attention to the role of the Edison Electric Institute in pushing policies hostile to distributed solar.

Not mentioned in that article, however, is that ratepayers are a significant source of funding for this industry trade association. Utilities pay dues to the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) in large part with funds collected from customers’ energy bills.

A study released in May by the Energy Policy Institute, a watchdog group, detailed how EEI pushes for policies that are widely considered to curb the growth of distributed solar energy.

The Energy Policy Institute features excerpts from EEI’s reports and communications with its member investor-owned utilities on issues including how utilities deal with rooftop solar in their service territories, and the nationwide debate over our shifting energy landscape.”

— Kari Lydersen, Midwest Energy News

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