Answering for Taking a Driller’s Cash

Carl Pope was the Sierra Club executive director when the group accepted $26 million in gifts from Chesapeake Energy.

NEW YORK, N.Y. — “The recent disclosure of the Sierra Club’s secret acceptance of $26 million in donations from people associated with a natural gas company has revived an uncomfortable debate among environmental groups about corporate donations and transparency.

The gifts from the company, Chesapeake Energy, have drawn criticism from some environmentalists. ‘Sleeping with the enemy’ was a comment much forwarded on Twitter posts about the undisclosed arrangement.

‘Runners shouldn’t smoke, priests shouldn’t touch the kids, and environmentalists should never take money from polluters,’ John Passacantando, a former director of Greenpeace who is now an environmental consultant, said in an interview.”

— Felicity Barringer, New York Times

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