Ohio Citizen Action

Appeal for Wheels: We Did It – Thank you!

Ohio Citizen Action has been knocking on doors since 1977.  In that time, we estimate we’ve made more than 11 million front porch visits that have been key to our many accomplishments over the decades. It may be low-tech, but having face-to face conversations with real people about our campaigns to improve environmental quality, protect public health and save consumers money works!

We are 96% funded by money raised at these door visits and by follow-up phone updates and mail. In an attempt to more efficiently manage those precious resources, we have limited our field outreach mostly to Ohio’s major population centers. But something happened last year that made us decide to change all that.

As you may know, last year more than 20,000 people signed a petition urging Governor Kasich to end the freeze on Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. We presented these at the Governor’s office and later testified against a bill to extend the freeze. I mentioned the 20,000 signatures in my testimony and was questioned by committee chair Sen. Troy Balderson about how many of those signatures came from his district. That’s what he cared about — his district. And he had a point.

If we’re going to:

  • Win stronger renewable energy and energy efficiency standards
  • Renegotiate wind turbine setbacks that allow the first new projects in two years
  • Stop re-monopolization of Ohio utilities, and
  • Defeat customer rate hikes designed to bail out failing coal and nuclear plants

We’ll need Ohioans from all over working with us to guide their senators to do the right thing in 2017.

That’s why we’re committing to sending our field canvassers into all 33 Ohio senate districts this year.

“Game on”, Senator Balderson!

The thing is, our fleet of vehicles consists mostly of near-antique Chevy Suburbans, which are expensive to fix, break down too often and are super gas guzzlers. We need an upgrade!

There are four ways you could help:

1) Donate a newer, more fuel-efficient 7 passenger vehicle (contact Melissa English at menglish(at)ohiocitizen.org or 513-221-2100)

2) Donate any car, truck, boat or RV that we could sell to raise money to purchase newer used vans. All that can be handled through Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund, so you can also claim the tax deduction. Here’s the link to donate a vehicle.

3) Make a cash gift we can use to buy a replacement vehicle: Appeal for Wheels donation page

4). Volunteer to raise $250 or more through an online funding page, during the two weeks before Earth Day. Learn more about what’s involved here.

We’ve set a goal of raising at least $10,000 to purchase at least one new-to-us vehicle in time for the summer, when we’re busiest.

This Appeal for Wheels is what it will take to knock on doors in all 33 Ohio senate districts this year. That first contact is critical to bringing new people into our grassroots campaigns – and we need them.  It’s just plain harder for us to get to people in small towns and rural communities outside the major population centers, but considering that they are the ones their senators care about we can’t afford to leave them out.

Thanks for your support – we can’t do any of this without grassroots support from people like you who care!

Rachael Belz
Executive Director

P.S. You can also help by getting the word out via social media. Use our hashtag #Appeal4Wheels.