Ohio Citizen Action

Appeals court ruling has Lyndhurst City Council rethinking its new solicitation law

LYNDHURST — “Law Director Paul Murphy said the need to re-examine the Lyndhurst law change stems from the court case Ohio Citizen Action vs. the City of Englewood, recently decided in the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati.

Englewood, a city near Dayton, was sued because it limited the hour until which canvassers could go door to door at 6 p.m. Ohio Citizen Action won the case Feb. 2, with South Euclid Councilman Edward Icove serving as its general counsel.

…The central conflict, Murphy said, is, ‘The right to privacy versus the right to free speech.’

Ohio Citizen Action is a 36-year-old group which seeks to raise awareness of environmental and other topical issues. It has battled Englewood over the curfew since 2005.”

— Jeff Piorkowski, Sun News

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