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Are Ohio’s two nuclear power plants profitable? Depends who you ask

The Perry Nuclear Power Station in Lake County, Ohio. Photo by FirstEnergy Corp. / Flickr / Creative Commons

COLUMBUS — “An Ohio Senate panel spent much of Tuesday morning hearing arguments between consultants paid by supporters and foes of bailing out two nuclear power plants over a seemingly straightforward question: are the two nuclear plants profitable or not?

Paul Sotkiewicz, a Florida-based energy economics analyst, laid out to the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee the findings of his recent study (commissioned by oil and gas group API-Ohio) that the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants in Northern Ohio will make owner FirstEnergy Solutions hundreds of millions of dollars in profits during the next 10 years.

It’s crunch time for the state Senate if it is going to try to get a bill to Gov. Mike DeWine’s desk before summer recess, most likely by June 30.

Sen. Steve Wilson (R., Maineville), chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said the chamber may split the issue, forging ahead with a bill addressing the nuclear question while leaving debate on the future of renewable power for another day.”

— Jeremy Pelzer,

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