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Adam Ganson
Ohio Citizen Action

Ohio Citizen Action alumni Adam Ganson

CINCINNATI —Adam was in town visiting family for Passover from Israel, where he now co-directs an urban agriculture non-profit called Earth’s Promise. He visited us at our table for Earth Day O-T-R and posed for this photo postcard, urging Governor Kasich to get Ohio’s energy policy back on track. It’s […]

The Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station at Oak Harbor, Ohio, would have a guaranteed buyer for all its output if the PUCO approves a FirstEnergy plan. Photo by Kathiann M. Kowalski.
Energy / FirstEnergy

FirstEnergy abandons its ‘power purchase agreements,’ but not its plan for customers to pay more

COLUMBUS — “FirstEnergy now wants Ohio regulators to forget about the ‘power purchase agreements’ they approved to save the company’s old power plants — but at the same time allow the company to keep the monthly customer surcharges that the PPAs were designed to produce. In a move that appears to […]

Growing our Future: 40th Anniversary Celebration in Cleveland
Ohio Citizen Action

Growing our Future: 40th Anniversary Celebration in Cleveland

Join local artists, activists, alumni, and friends to celebrate 40 years of Ohio Citizen Action, commemorating what we have accomplished together so far and looking forward to the future we are growing in Ohio. The event will feature dinner-by-the-bite, open bar, live accordion music, and silent auction featuring Northeast Ohio […]

PUCO Chairman Andre Porter
AEP / Energy / FirstEnergy

All eyes on AEP, FirstEnergy with Ohio PPAs in doubt

Companies to seek ‘reregulation’; PUCO Chair Porter resigns COLUMBUS — “On Friday, Andre T. Porter, the chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, announced his resignation, little more than a year after taking the position and less than a month after shepherding through the controversial PPAs. Porter’s announcement came two […]

Nick Akins, the top executive at American Electric Power
AEP / Energy / FirstEnergy

Returning to electricity regulation in Ohio would be hard road

COLUMBUS — “For people who have never thought about “re-regulation” of electricity companies, imagine dental surgery without an anesthetic. This gives an idea of what some of the reaction was like when Nick Akins, the top executive at American Electric Power, said last week that Ohio needs to consider restoring […]

Unfreeze, don’t re-freeze, Ohio’s alternative-energy standards: editorial
Energy / Freeze on Clean Energy

Unfreeze, don’t re-freeze, Ohio’s alternative-energy standards: editorial

CLEVELAND — “Terrible ideas periodically surface in the Ohio General Assembly. Another did Monday— which might as well be called the Utility Fossil Fuel Protection Act. The proposal, sponsored by Sen. William J Seitz, a suburban Cincinnati Republican, would extend, through 2019, Ohio’s freeze on renewable-energy and efficiency standards that […]

Photo by Friscocali / Creative Commons
AEP / Coal / Energy / FirstEnergy / Freeze on Clean Energy

With ‘bailouts’ under federal scrutiny, Ohio utilities look to legislature

COLUMBUS — “It’s unclear what form AEP’s suggested re-regulation mechanism would take. However, it’s likely such a move would garner significant criticism from industry competitors, as well as consumer advocates and others. There have already been some attempts at political intervention. For example, FERC dockets for both the AEP and […]

FirstEnergy's downtown Akron headquarters.
Coal / Energy / FirstEnergy

FirstEnergy ‘disappointed’ as federal agency blocks income guarantees for power plants

CLEVELAND — “FERC has not yet ruled against FirstEnergy. What it has done is rescinded its previous waiver of restrictions of intra-company transactions, which it had to do in order to review the current PUCO-approved plan. But the language of its ruling could indicate that FERC is more concerned with […]

Banned PCBs still haunt Great Lakes

Banned PCBs still haunt Great Lakes

CHICAGO, IL — “PCB emissions may still threaten residents of Chicago and other Great Lakes communities, according to a recently published study that calls for legislation to control the largest sources of the longtime pollutant. Classified as a ‘persistent environmental pollutant’ by the EPA, PCBs cause cancer in people and […]

The Davis-Besse nuclear power plant near Oak Harbor does not compete well against new gas-fired power plants, says its owner FirstEnergy. The company convinced the state's regulators to approve an arrangement in which Illuminating Co., Ohio Edison and Toledo Edison customers will pay more to now Davis-Besse turns a profit. That arrangement still faces federal scrutiny.
Coal / Energy / FirstEnergy

FirstEnergy’s Davis-Besse, Sammis power plants make money after all: FirstEnergy profits show

AKRON — “The PUCO on March 31 approved a special eight-year arrangement forcing FirstEnergy’s Ohio customers to subsidize the continued operations of Davis-Besse and Sammis when they lose money, which it estimated could be as much as $363 million during the first 31 months. In later years, that surcharge would […]