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Baard Energy cancels coal-to-liquids plant

CLEVELAND – “The cancellation of the proposed Baard Energy coal to liquids plant in Columbiana County is welcome news, and a tribute to the determined legal team at NRDC and Sierra Club, who challenged the environmental soundness of this proposal from the beginning, and to the five thousand Ohio Citizen Action members who told their elected officials that subsidizing this plant was a waste of tax dollars.

For the past six years, Baard Energy has claimed that it had private financial backing for this process.  That promise, and the coal to liquids project, both turned out to be fictional.  In fact, Baard Energy ended up in debtor’s court, being sued by contractors it never paid.  Governor John Kasich should claw back the $805,500 in state funds that his predecessor gave to the Columbiana County Port Authority on the promise that this project would be built.

The cancellation of the coal to liquids plant is more evidence that our economy is moving away from a reliance on dirty coal.  Baard had claimed that this facility would use 9.3 million tons of coal a year, including Ohio high-sulfur coal, which would have increased consumption of coal in Ohio by about 17%. “

Sandy Buchanan, Executive Director, Ohio Citizen Action

Coal Collapse: Proposed Ohio Coal-to-Liquid Refinery Dead

— press release, Josh Mogerman, Natural Resources Defense Council