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Baard news is no news

gas_moneyLISBON — “In the fall of 2011, Planck Investments acquired controlling interest in the former Baard Energy project, with the stated intention of moving forward with development of a multi-billion dollar synthetic fuel plant.

More than 18 months later, not much has been heard from the company on the status of those efforts, which means not much has changed since Baard first announced in 2006 it intended to build a $6 billion plant outside Wellsville that would convert coal into synthetic diesel and jet fuel.

The project ran into a number of obstacles, the most significant being the lack of investors. Planck entered the picture in 2010, pledging money to help complete the property acquisition. By the following October, after acquiring controlling interest in the project, Planck announced natural gas would replace coal as the feedstock used to produce synthetic fuels and formed a new company for the project, Pallas Formed Fuels. And that was the last anyone heard it.”

— Tom Giambroni, Lisbon Morning Journal

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