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BG solar field broadcast called bright

The solar project, situated on 165 acres along Carter Road, northeast of Bowling Green, is planned to accommodate 85,000 tracking solar panels and have a 20-megawatt capacity. (Credit: J.D.Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)

BOWLING GREEN — “Results are sunny so far for Bowling Green’s fledgling solar installation.

Utilities Director Brian O’Connell said they’re looking forward to the field’s output this summer, when demand for electrical power is higher.

‘We’re looking forward to the first summer, when we see what it will do,’ he said in a recent interview.

The solar site, situated on 165 acres along Carter Road, northeast of the city, began producing electricity commercially in mid-January. The city is partnering with American Municipal Power and solar developer NextEra Energy on the project, which has been called the largest such facility in the state of Ohio. NextEra owns and operates the installation and sells the power is produces to AMP, which in turn sells it to its members, including Bowling Green.

The 85,000-panel installation has a 20-megawatt capacity, with the city subscribing to 13.74 megawatts of that output. The project is expected to supply the equivalent energy to power 3,000 homes.”

— Peter Kuebeck, Sentinel-Tribune

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