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Bill coming soon to make Ohio’s renewable energy standards voluntary, customers can opt-out

Ohio State Representative Bill Seitz (Credit: James D. Decamp)

COLUMBUS — “Gov. John Kasich vetoed a bill late last year that would have made Ohio renewable energy standards voluntary for two years.

Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati Republican who is among the most vocal opponents of the renewable energy standards, vowed to come back with a vengeance– and now he’s about to follow through on the pledge.

‘What we are now saying is we are going to scrap the renewable portfolio mandates in their entirety and repeal them with goals,’ Seitz said Tuesday morning while addressing the Ohio Energy Management Conference in downtown Columbus. ‘So they will be goals and utilities will be encouraged to reach the goal of 12.5 percent by 2027, but they will not be fined into oblivion if they fail to meet the goal. We are confident that they will probably meet the goal without any state mandate holding a gun to their head.’

Seitz, a former state senator who now is a state representative, wants to make the standards voluntary not just for two years but until 2027 for power companies to use renewable energy in 12.5 percent of their portfolio.”

— Tom Know, Columbus Business First

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