Boston firm battles Ohio utilities over re-regulation

BOSTON, MA — “The Boston-based company developing five natural gas-fired power plants under construction or planned in Ohio is fighting Ohio’s investor-owned electric utilities over re-regulation, Kallanish Energy finds.

Bill Siderewicz, president of Clean Energy Future, is strongly opposed to a controversial proposal to re-regulate Ohio utilities, a move that could throw his company and the operators of other merchant power plants out of Ohio.

No firm proposal to re-regulate Ohio utilities has surfaced in the Ohio Legislature, but Siderewicz held a teleconference Thursday to blast what he called a $100 billion bailout for Ohio utilities. He attacked the plan to re-regulate that appears to be backed by Ohio’s four biggest electric utilities.

From reports, it appears Ohio utilities FirstEnergy, American Electric Power, Dayton Power & Light and Duke Energy want to get the Legislature to approve a three-part change in the way Ohio utilities are structured.”

Kallanish Energy

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