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Bowling Green State University students create a short film inspired by OCA’s work

Professor Bonnie Mitchell of Bowling Green State University is a long-time member of Ohio Citizen Action. In the beginning of 2019, she responded to one of our emails that was a general update, offering to conduct a public awareness project for OCA with her students.

So two of our organizers, Brad Holmes and Anastazia Vanisko, drove out to Bowling Green and taught them about grassroots organizing, letter drives, and our overall campaign to protect Ohio consumers and their public health. Based off of what they learned, they created an awesome video encompassing how our work makes an impact.

What they put together is creative and very impressive –

If you are interested in using your own creativity to promote Ohio Citizen Action’s mission, please send an e-mail to avanisko@ohiocitizen.org.

The PSA was produced by:

Idea and Storyboard:

David Bloom – bloomt@bgsu.edu

Megan Gercak – megger@bgsu.edu

Marisa Kreinbihl – marisak@bgsu.edu


Marisa Kreinbihl – marisak@bgsu.edu
Matthew England – englama@bgsu.edu

David Bloom – bloomt@bgsu.edu

Music composed by:

Pablo Gómez-Estévez – gpablo@bgsu.edu


Pablo Gómez-Estévez – gpablo@bgsu.edu


Sophia Fonte – sfonte@bgsu.edu

Thank you all for using your talents to support this cause.

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