Ohio Citizen Action

Caroline Beidler to receive Metzenbaum Award

Caroline Beidler of Neighbors for Clean Air, left, with Dr. Erin Haynes of the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Haynes is testing the affects of air pollution on youth development.

Ohio Citizen Action is pleased to announce that Caroline Beidler will receive the organization’s highest honor, the Howard M. Metzenbaum Award, at Ohio Citizen Action’s 35th Anniversary celebration in Cincinnati on December 4.

Fifteen years ago, Caroline discovered that the “dream home” that she had moved into in Marietta was under daily assault from a terrible chemical odor, which she tracked to the nearby Eramet manganese refinery. Caroline then began to do everything she could to tackle this problem, including founding a local citizens group, the Neighbors for Clean Air; recruitiing technical and scientific experts from around the country; supporting the plant’s workers when they were locked out; organizing many local events, and working on a “good neighbor campaign” with Ohio Citizen Action.

The campaign to clean up Eramet culminated in 2008 with a commitment by the company to invest $150 million in pollution prevention, and sparked the University of Cincinnati to launch a nationally significant investigation of the health hazards caused by manganese exposure.

Susan Hyatt, Senator Metzenbaum’s daughter, commented, “Dad would be very proud to have his name associated with the work that Caroline Beidler is doing. She exemplifies the citizen action that dad so valued and she is proof that one person can make a significant difference.”

Sandy Buchanan, Executive Director, Ohio Citizen Action