Anti-mining activists Chuck Nelson and Junior Walk staring out over the Brushy Fork coal tailings dam. Photo by Arianna Skibell.
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COAL: ‘This is our home. We don’t want to live nowhere else’

NAOMA, WV — “But even the coal jobs in West Virginia have dried up. In the 1950s, the industry employed around 125,000 people. Today, that number is closer to 20,000 or 30,000. As a result, in part, of mechanized mining and natural gas expansion, West Virginia is losing its population […]

The bill in the Ohio House is limited to two coal-fired power plants owned by Ohio Valley Electric, a consortium of Ohio utilities that includes investor-owned companies like AEP and FirstEnergy, as well as electric cooperative Buckeye Power. photo: Columbus Dispatch
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Bill in Ohio House would permanently subsidize 2 coal-fired power plants

COLUMBUS — “A new proposal in the Ohio House would provide a perpetual subsidy for two coal-fired power plants owned jointly by American Electric Power and just about every other major electricity utility in the state. House Bill 239 calls for the owners of Ohio Valley Electric Corp. to receive […]

UMWA members rally in Lexington, Kentucky, in support of legislation to fully fund pensions and health benefits (credit: Becca Schimmel/Ohio Valley ReSource).
Reclaim Act

Mending mining country: Three ways Trump could help miners and coal communities

ATHENS — “At a March ceremony to sign an executive order reversing Obama-era environmental regulations, coal miners were arranged on stage around President Donald Trump as he took up his pen. ‘You know what it says, right?’ Trump asked the miners. ‘You’re going back to work.’ From his campaign rallies […]

Dear AEP: Ohioans work hard to afford our bills and conserve electricity- don’t make it harder with big hikes in customer charges
AEP / Fixed Rate Hikes

Dear AEP: Ohioans work hard to afford our bills and conserve electricity- don’t make it harder with big hikes in customer charges

Using more electricity means your monthly utility bill goes up. And using less means your bill goes down, right? That’s what you’d expect, but that’s not what Ohio households will experience if the state’s Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) goes along with new proposals from the state’s leading utility […]

The AEP building in Columbus, Ohio. 
Photo by
Mark Cameron / Creative Commons
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Critics say Ohio utility’s proposed fixed charge increase will slow efficiency, clean energy

COLUMBUS — “Proposed rate changes for American Electric Power’s Ohio utility customers could unduly burden the grid by discouraging energy efficiency and distributed generation, according to critics. At issue is AEP’s proposal to increase fixed charges for its Ohio utility customers by more than twice the current rate—from $8.40 per […]

A cloud of toxic coal ash is seen blowing like a sandstorm straight at the homes on the Moapa River Reservation (credit: Moapa Band of Paiutes).
Coal Ash

Polluters ask Trump administration to cut safeguards for nation’s No. 2 toxic pollution threat

WASHINGTON, DC — “Dangerous piles of industrial waste laced with lead, arsenic, mercury and other toxics will continue to threaten communities all over America if the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grants a legal petition that industrial polluters filed today. The polluters’ Petition for Reconsideration seeks to do away with most […]

IEEFA extra: Why coal bailouts won’t work
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IEEFA extra: Why coal bailouts won’t work

CLEVELAND — “‘Anyone who watches the energy markets knows the coal industry is in serious trouble. The political rhetoric around the energy markets is higher than it’s been for years, if not decades. The truth of the matter is that nothing can reverse the market forces that are pushing coal […]

For the second month in a row, natural gas beat coal as the main source of U.S. electricity generation, accounting for 35.2 percent of supplies in August, a government report showed.
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Coal-heavy utilities are changing course as the new energy economy unfolds

NEW YORK, NY — “The marketplace is bruising FirstEnergy Corp.’s competitive businesses and forcing it to pull back and zero-in on its regulated delivery systems where all of its returns are approved by utility commissioners. Other coal-heavy utilities are taking a different tack, however, and investing in the green energy […]

Critics of AEP plan to raise billing fee see harm to low-income customers
AEP / Fixed Rate Hikes

Critics of AEP plan to raise billing fee see harm to low-income customers

COLUMBUS — “American Electric Power wants to raise its billing fee by $10 per month, a proposal that critics say would hit low-income consumers hardest and would discourage clean-energy technologies. The opponents had the floor to themselves Tuesday at a public hearing before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. All […]

Today’s energy jobs are in solar, not coal
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Today’s energy jobs are in solar, not coal

NEW YORK, NY – “President Trump has promised to revive the coal industry and double down on fossil fuels, creating “so many energy jobs,” but he has not focused on the increasingly important role of renewable power in America’s energy economy. Last year, the solar industry employed many more Americans […]