AEP has sought guaranteed rates for some of its older plants, including one near Conesville, Ohio.
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AEP wants PUCO to hurry up with its PPA decision

COLUMBUS — “A proposal to guarantee American Electric Power Company Inc. a profit on its stake in a coal-fired power plant was rejected by Ohio regulators last month, but the decision left open the possibility that another plan could be accepted. AEP now warns that delays could lead it to […]

PUCO should make a decisive ruling against FirstEnergy, write three politicians worried about rising costs for consumers. (File photo)
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Oppose FirstEnergy electric security plan

CLEVELAND — “Analysts for the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council and the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel say consumers will lose big on the deal. They peg the cost of the current rate-increase proposal at an additional $3 billion over the next 15 years. Even FirstEnergy projects more than $400 million in […]

A coal seam is blasted at a mine in Wyoming. At least 264 mines were closed between 2011 and 2013. Photograph: Robb Kendrick/NG/Alamy
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US coal sector in ‘terminal decline’, financial analysts say

Over 200 mines shut down and industry loses 76% of its value in five years, report finds WASHINGTON, DC — “The US coal sector is in a “terminal decline” which has sent 26 companies bust in the last three years, according to financial analysts. A report by the Carbon Tracker […]

Cartoon by Matt Davies.
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U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether cost to cut air pollution outweighs health benefits

WASHINGTON, DC — “The U.S. Supreme Court will weigh whether the cost of cracking down on air pollution from coal-fired power plants outweighs the health benefits in a March 25 case on mercury emissions. Organizations that represent the coal and utility industries, as well as more than a dozen states […]

he W.H. Sammis power plant's future operation could be more difficult under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's proposed rules on power plant carbon dioxide emissions.
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Want less carbon dioxide in the air you breathe? It’s going to cost you, how much depends on who you voted for

COLUMBUS — “The battle over clean air, including air containing less carbon dioxide, is being waged here before a little-noticed special study committee that was supposed to be looking at something else. Ohio’s Energy Mandates Study Committee, created last fall, was supposed to consider whether the state should reinstate its […]

An offshore wind farm at Middelgrunden, Denmark.
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American Electric Power should support clean energy in Ohio: Tim Brennan (opinion)

CLEVELAND — “As the fifth largest investor-owned utility in the country, American Electric Power has the potential to lead the industry in clean energy. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are increasingly cost-effective options for utilities seeking to lower their carbon emissions, diversify their power supplies, and limit the risks posed by […]

A proposal from FirstEnergy would guarantee income for the Davis-Besse nuclear plant and other facilities. (Photo by AlienCG via Creative Commons)
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Utility ‘bailout’ cases reflect larger Ohio energy debate

CLEVELAND — “As FirstEnergy awaits a decision on its proposed electric security plan after a similar proposal from American Electric Power (AEP) was rejected by regulators last month, broader themes about Ohio’s energy future are emerging in the debate. The plan recommended by FirstEnergy would have Ohio electricity consumers pay […]

Mountaintop removal coal mining ends on March 16
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Mountaintop removal coal mining ends on March 16

CHARLESTON, WV — “Fourteen months after the world watched in astonishment as poorly regulated coal-washing chemicals contaminated the Elk River in West Virginia, coal country residents and supporters are gearing up for an epic showdown on March 16 with the state’s Department of Environmental Protection—and the U.S. Congress—over the mounting […]

Coal ash is a heavy metal-laden and possibly radioactive by-product of coal plants. N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources via
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Duke Energy fined $25.1 million for toxic coal ash spill that polluted NC River last year

CHARLOTTE, NC — “A little over a year since approximately 39,000 tons of toxic coal slurry gushed into a major North Carolina river, the company responsible is being fined $25.1 million for the disaster. Duke Energy, the largest electricity supplier in the country and the primary supplier of energy in […]

Rainforest Action Network, Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir, and EQAT performed a “bring the mountain back to PNC Bank” action on September 27, 2010. (Flickr/ Brennan Cavanaugh)
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How a small Quaker group forced PNC Bank to stop financing mountaintop removal

BROOKLYN, NY — “After five years of action by Earth Quaker Action Team, PNC Bank announced a shift in its policy on March 2 that will effectively cease its financing of mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia. This marks a major turnaround for the nation’s seventh largest bank, which for […]