AEP wants you to pay more every month before you even turn on your lights
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AEP wants you to pay more every month before you even turn on your lights

COLUMBUS — American Electric Power (AEP) recently rolled out a proposal to increase upfront, mandatory residential fixed fees, called the “customer charge”, from a current $8.40 to $13.40 per month, and another increase in 2018 to $18.40 per month —  a whopping 119% increase. This means instead of paying $100.80, […]

Ohio wind farm development has stalled with the two-year freeze on rules requiring power companies to provide more green power every year. Lawmakers have now decided to make the mandates voluntary for another two years. Gov. John Kasich has threatened to veto the bill. (Plain Dealer file photo)
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Ohio GOP lawmakers aim to kill wind, solar mandates, endorse competitive markets

CLEVELAND — “The Republican majority in the Ohio House is moving again to get rid of the state’s renewable energy rules. In a bill sponsored by a Cincinnati Republican and released late Tuesday, the House would make voluntary the mandates that now require power companies to generate or buy and […]

The Conesville plant in Coshocton County.
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Dynegy, AEP swap Ohio power plant ownership

COLUMBUS — “AEP and Dynegy have swapped ownership of a pair of Ohio power plants. The transaction is another indicator of an Ohio electric market caught in a sea of change. Natural-gas and renewable power are replacing coal-fired generation to produce the country’s power, and Ohio’s utilities are gradually exiting […]

Ohio voters want energy choice, oppose return to monopoly utilities
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Ohio voters want energy choice, oppose return to monopoly utilities

CLEVELAND — “Efforts by the state’s traditional monopoly power companies to persuade lawmakers to scrap competitive markets and return to a fully regulated system could run afoul of an important political player — voters. A telephone survey conducted in January by Fallon Research and Communications, of Columbus and Washington, D.C., found […]

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AEP has just four power plants left in Ohio after sale to investment firm

COLUMBUS — “AEP has closed on its previously announced sale of four power plants, three of them in Ohio and the other in Indiana. American Electric Power Company Inc. (NYSE:AEP) sold the plants for $2.1 billion to New York-based Blackstone Group LP and an ArcLight Capital Partners affiliate and operate […]

FirstEnergy is about to ask Ohio lawmakers to create new regulations awarding "zero emission credits," or ZECs, to its nuclear power plants, Davis-Besse east of Toledo and Perry east of Cleveland, in recognition that they do not contribute to air pollution. The ZECs would increase customer bills. The plan is sure to be challenged in federal court because it would subsidize the nukes which are supposed to be operating in a competitive market.
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Ohio electric deregulation on the chopping block?

CLEVELAND — “The big power plants that FirstEnergy and Columbus-based American Electric Power have operated for decades just cannot make electricity as cheaply — or as profitably —  as the new gas turbines, and at times, wind farms. The companies have been looking for a way to escape the perils […]

Consumer groups maintain rate increase cases and power purchase agreements filed by the utilities are muddying the waters of Ohio's energy market.
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FirstEnergy, American Electric Power to approach renewable energy differently

CLEVELAND — “Now that Ohio’s renewable energy standards have snapped back in place by virtue of Gov. John Kasich’s veto of Substitute House Bill 554, FirstEnergy Corp. of Akron will be required to boost the percentage of renewable energy it distributes to retail customers. A freeze of the mandates in […]

2016 Year In Review – Energy Issues
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2016 Year In Review – Energy Issues

COLUMBUS — “Ohio has a big coal industry, but also has a lot of land for wind energy development. And state officials seems to be floating in the middle as far as energy policy goes. The energy issue pulled the state in two different directions. Two of the state’s biggest […]

Wind turbines generate electricity on a farm straddling Paulding and Van Wert counties in northwest Ohio.
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Kasich vetoes bill that would have made renewable energy voluntary, opens the door to comprehensive energy reform

COLUMBUS — “Kasich had repeatedly pledged during his presidential bid that Ohio would support wind and solar, that he would not allow more conservative lawmakers to extend the two-year freeze, and that making the standards voluntary was unacceptable. In his message to lawmakers accompanying the veto, Kasich wrote that HB […]

The first vote today followed a 14-minute appeal Kasich made from the House dais at the start of the session. House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, a Republican from Clarksville, said he invited the governor.
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Kasich vetoes bill delaying renewable energy mandates

COLUMBUS — “Gov. John Kasich today made good on his threat to veto a legislative effort to again delay enforcement of Ohio’s requirement that utilities find more of their electricity from renewable sources. …By 2027, FirstEnergy, American Electric Power, and other utilities must find 12.5 percent of their power from […]