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Ohio Citizen Action offers tribute to mountain justice warrior on his birthday

Let us now praise a coal miner: Chuck Nelson is an American Hero CINCINNATI — “Among the hundreds of coal miners I have interviewed over the years, retired coal miner Chuck Nelson has always been among the most fearless truth-tellers in the coal country of West Virginia. An indefatigable presence […]

In America’s coal country, states are emboldened to ditch efficiency
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In America’s coal country, states are emboldened to ditch efficiency

CLEVELAND — “Efforts to cut America’s use of energy are coming under attack, both in Washington and in at least two states. Ohio lawmakers held hearings this week on a bill that would scale back programs designed to shrink energy demand. Kentucky regulators began a review last month of its […]

Two Ohio coal-fired plants to close, deepening industry decline
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Two Ohio coal-fired plants to close, deepening industry decline

DAYTON — “Electricity company Dayton Power & Light said on Monday it would shut down two coal-fired power plants in southern Ohio next year for economic reasons, a setback for the ailing coal industry but a victory for environmental activists. Republican President Donald Trump promised in his election campaign to […]

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The coal industry is sick — and it’s terminal

WASHINGTON, DC — “Coal has long had one advantage over other energy sources: it’s cheap. But the huge growth in the extraction of shale gas via fracking over the past decade has sent natural gas production soaring and prices tumbling. And advancements in renewable energy technology during that same time […]

DP&L will sell its ownership in three coal-fired power stations, according to a new stipulation filed with a state organization. (Credit: Thomas Gnau/Dayton Daily News)
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DPL to sell stake in three power plants

DAYTON — “In a new state filing, Dayton Power & Light Co. puts itself on a path further from the use of coal in power generation. The company said in the filing it will commit to selling its ownership in three generation stations while setting up an economic development fund for […]

AEP wants you to pay more every month before you even turn on your lights
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AEP wants you to pay more every month before you even turn on your lights

COLUMBUS — American Electric Power (AEP) recently rolled out a proposal to increase upfront, mandatory residential fixed fees, called the “customer charge”, from a current $8.40 to $13.40 per month, and another increase in 2018 to $18.40 per month —  a whopping 119% increase. This means instead of paying $100.80, […]

Ohio wind farm development has stalled with the two-year freeze on rules requiring power companies to provide more green power every year. Lawmakers have now decided to make the mandates voluntary for another two years. Gov. John Kasich has threatened to veto the bill. (Plain Dealer file photo)
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Ohio GOP lawmakers aim to kill wind, solar mandates, endorse competitive markets

CLEVELAND — “The Republican majority in the Ohio House is moving again to get rid of the state’s renewable energy rules. In a bill sponsored by a Cincinnati Republican and released late Tuesday, the House would make voluntary the mandates that now require power companies to generate or buy and […]

The Conesville plant in Coshocton County.
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Dynegy, AEP swap Ohio power plant ownership

COLUMBUS — “AEP and Dynegy have swapped ownership of a pair of Ohio power plants. The transaction is another indicator of an Ohio electric market caught in a sea of change. Natural-gas and renewable power are replacing coal-fired generation to produce the country’s power, and Ohio’s utilities are gradually exiting […]

Carbon capture equipment at NRG’s power generating station southwest of Houston. Credit: Michael Stravato for The New York Times
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Coal industry casts itself as a clean energy player

WASHINGTON, DC — “Seeking to shore up their struggling industry, the coal producers are voicing greater concern about greenhouse gas emissions. Their goal is to frame a new image for coal as a contributor, not an obstacle, to a clean-energy future — an image intended to foster their legislative agenda. […]

Big Harts Creek in Lincoln County, WV (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
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Trump’s repeal of stream rule helps coal at the expense of climate and species

WASHINGTON, DC — “When he signed an unusual act of Congress rolling back a regulation to protect streams from mining pollution on Thursday, President Donald Trump made good on his promise to ease up on coal mining. The repeal will mean more greenhouse gas pollution from burning coal. It’s also […]