The major front in the ‘war on coal’ lies within the market itself
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The major front in the ‘war on coal’ lies within the market itself

BOSTON, MA — “If citizens have heard anything about the upheaval in the U.S. coal industry, it is probably the insistence that President Obama and the EPA have waged a ‘war on coal.’ This phrase is written into President-elect Donald Trump’s energy platform, which promises to ‘end the war on […]

Consumer groups maintain rate increase cases and power purchase agreements filed by the utilities are muddying the waters of Ohio's energy market.
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FirstEnergy, American Electric Power to approach renewable energy differently

CLEVELAND — “Now that Ohio’s renewable energy standards have snapped back in place by virtue of Gov. John Kasich’s veto of Substitute House Bill 554, FirstEnergy Corp. of Akron will be required to boost the percentage of renewable energy it distributes to retail customers. A freeze of the mandates in […]

hio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, R-Clarksville, and Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof, R-Medina.
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Ohio General Assembly leaders expect renewable energy to be on the legislature’s agenda

COLUMBUS — “It appears pretty certain that renewable energy will be on the Ohio General Assembly’s plate this session, based on comments from new Senate President Larry Obhof, a Medina Republican, and re-elected House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, a Republican from Clarksville. The two men spoke to reporters Tuesday, the first […]

A wind farm near Paulding, Ohio. Photo by
David Grant / Creative Commons
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Ohio clean energy standards resume, but still weakened by 2014 laws

COLUMBUS — “Although the standards will resume, Senate Bill 310, passed in 2014, made some notable changes in the law that remain in effect. For starters, that law got rid of terms that said at least half of Ohio’s required renewable energy must come from in-state resources. Beyond that, another […]

2016 Year In Review – Energy Issues
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2016 Year In Review – Energy Issues

COLUMBUS — “Ohio has a big coal industry, but also has a lot of land for wind energy development. And state officials seems to be floating in the middle as far as energy policy goes. The energy issue pulled the state in two different directions. Two of the state’s biggest […]

Wind turbines generate electricity on a farm straddling Paulding and Van Wert counties in northwest Ohio.
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Kasich vetoes bill that would have made renewable energy voluntary, opens the door to comprehensive energy reform

COLUMBUS — “Kasich had repeatedly pledged during his presidential bid that Ohio would support wind and solar, that he would not allow more conservative lawmakers to extend the two-year freeze, and that making the standards voluntary was unacceptable. In his message to lawmakers accompanying the veto, Kasich wrote that HB […]

The first vote today followed a 14-minute appeal Kasich made from the House dais at the start of the session. House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, a Republican from Clarksville, said he invited the governor.
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Kasich vetoes bill delaying renewable energy mandates

COLUMBUS — “Gov. John Kasich today made good on his threat to veto a legislative effort to again delay enforcement of Ohio’s requirement that utilities find more of their electricity from renewable sources. …By 2027, FirstEnergy, American Electric Power, and other utilities must find 12.5 percent of their power from […]

FirstEnergy headquarters in Akron.
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Newsmaker of the Year: FirstEnergy

CLEVELAND — “Whoever said that electric utility regulation is boring wasn’t anticipating the year that FirstEnergy just had. True, in real time it might have been less than engrossing to anyone who is not an energy wonk. But, taken as a whole, FirstEnergy had a big-stakes year that went back […]

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This interactive map shows why natural gas and renewables are taking over the US

WASHINGTON, DC — “This one’s for the energy nerds out there. The University of Texas Austin’s Energy Institute has put out an incredibly useful interactive map showing what types of power plants are cheapest to build in every county in the continental United States. (No, really, it’s fascinating.) Playing around […]

Davis-Besse welcomes any Trump aid

Davis-Besse welcomes any Trump aid

OAK HARBOR — “News reports circulated Friday that President-elect Donald Trump’s advisers are seeking help from the U.S. Department of Energy on ways they might stave off more premature closures of nuclear plants struggling because of intense competition from natural gas and renewable energy. The move comes one day after […]