AEP COO Robert Powers says the utility is going to be 'fairly aggressive that the rules won’t work as constructed at the moment.'
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AEP exec: EPA’s carbon plan ‘just not going to happen and something needs to give’

BOSTON, MASS — “The U.S. EPA’s proposed carbon rule has attracted hundreds of thousands of public comments, leading the agency Tuesday to extend its commenting deadline by 45 days, to Dec. 1. That might give American Electric Power Company Inc. more time to hone its argument against the rules. ‘We’re […]

A new poll finds a majority of Ohio electricity customers favor renewable-energy sources and don't want to have to pay to bail out aging coal plants. Photo credit: Kenn W. Kiser/morguefile
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Poll: Most Ohioans say “no” to coal plant bailouts

COLUMBUS — “The utility companies say the proposal would stabilize rates for customers, but Fisher and others argue it would keep electric bills higher than they should be and prevent Ohio from reducing dangerous emissions of carbon, soot, smog and mercury pollution. As they conduct door-to-door canvases educating Ohioans about […]

Appalachian Power and AEP kick off new custom energy efficiency incentive programs in West Virginia
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Appalachian Power and AEP kick off new custom energy efficiency incentive programs in West Virginia

CHARLESTON, WV — “Appalachian Power and its parent company, American Electric Power, announced Sept. 9 they launched two new energy efficiency programs in West Virginia for 2014. One of the two programs, titled the Custom Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Program, offer customers flexibility because each project’s energy savings and available […]

American Electric Power is currently allowed to cover its fuel costs through a charge to Ohio customers that changes every three months.
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Justices rule against AEP in fuel-cost case, so Ohio customers avoid a cost

COLUMBUS — “The Ohio Supreme Court has sided with utility regulators in a dispute with American Electric Power over how much the company can charge customers for coal, part of a larger debate that is not yet resolved. In a unanimous ruling yesterday, the court rejected AEP’s argument that it […]

Stand up to Duke Energy – Attend a public hearing to stop the bailout
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Stand up to Duke Energy – Attend a public hearing to stop the bailout

Duke Energy, along with Ohio’s other electric utilities, are trying right now behind the scenes to bailout a number of Ohio’s oldest, dirtiest, and least economic coal plants.  What’s worse, they want you and I to pay for it. It’s not right. It’s not fair.  And even if you’re not […]

Deserted houses are seen near the coal-fired power station, owned by American Electric Power Company, in Cheshire, Ohio. David Howells/Corbis
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Ohio workers suing AEP over coal waste

MASON COUNTY, WV — “Thirty-nine workers at an Ohio landfill and their family members who say they’ve been harmed by coal wastes from American Electric Power’s Gavin plant have filed suit, claiming the utility exposed them to a slew of toxic, potentially deadly chemicals. The suit, filed in Mason County […]

American Electric Power has installed about 100,000 “smart meters” in its tests so far.
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Refusing a ‘smart meter’ could cost you big dollars

COLUMBUS — “Electricity customers who want nothing to do with the ‘smart meters’ being deployed in the state might get stuck with a big bill in return. American Electric Power Ohio is asking state regulators to impose a $31.80-a-month charge on those who don’t want one of the meters. Duke […]

What’s the problem?
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What’s the problem?

Ohio is at a crossroads about the future of energy use in our state. As ratepayers we need to speak out now. Three of Ohio’s four largest utilities — companies that rarely agree on anything — are teaming up in an attempt to dial back on deregulation. Stop the bailout […]

Customers to AEP, Duke Energy: Down with coal
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Customers to AEP, Duke Energy: Down with coal

COLUMBUS — “Support for coal in Ohio is very low, according to survey results of a new poll by Public Policy Partners (PPP), with customers who support paying more to keep their electricity supplied by coal even lower. Public Citizen and the Sierra Club have released these results just as […]

A proposal by FirstEnergy would essentially guarantee a buyer for power from its Sammis power plant near Stratton, Ohio, and other facililties. (Photo by Chris Dilts via Creative Commons)
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FirstEnergy touts benefits of plan critics decry as ‘bailout’

COLUMBUS — “FirstEnergy says a proposed deal between its regulated Ohio utilities and their unregulated generation affiliate would create a windfall for ratepayers. However, the utility has been opaque about releasing information that could shed light on this claim. …Either way, FirstEnergy’s plan presumably builds anticipated costs into the contract […]