AEP says its coal-fired power plants are at risk for closure unless they can guarantee some income.
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Businesses call AEP’s price-guarantee request ‘unfair’ and ‘harmful to competitive markets’

COLUMBUS — “A group of 12 big Ohio electricity users says American Electric Power Company Inc.’s proposed coal-plant price guarantee is “unfair to shopping customers and harmful to competitive markets.” Lowe’s Home Improvement (NYSE: LOW), Staples Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLS) and Macy’s Inc. (NYSE:M) are among the companies who signed the […]

The Gen. James M. Gavin Power Plant in Cheshire, Ohio (Richard Martin)
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For $20 million, a coal utility bought an Ohio town and a clear conscience

CHESHIRE — “The plants, though, are still there, consuming about 35,000 tons of coal every day. A gray mountain of coal ash looms above what’s left of the town. AEP, though, may not have entirely escaped liability for the environmental effects of the plants: In early September a new lawsuit […]

The Gavin Power Plant near Cheshire, Ohio. (Photo by Jeff Lovett via Creative Commons)
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Ohio pollution complaint unrelated to coal ‘bailout’ plan

CHESHIRE — “American Electric Power (AEP) is on notice that it may be sued for alleged violations of the Clean Air Act by its Gavin Power Plant in Cheshire, Ohio. Last week, the Sierra Club sent a 60-day notice of intent to sue, which claims that excess emissions of sulfur dioxide created a ‘public nuisance‘ in […]

AEP and the Sierra Club are battling over the company's coal plants.
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No quiet period for AEP Ohio in PR game

COLUMBUS — “The latest proposal from AEP Ohio is perhaps its most complicated: It wants Ohio customers to shoulder the risk for four of its coal-fired power plants to ensure their long-term viability. It’s a complicated proposal, spurred by the impact of federal environmental regulations, the rising prominence of U.S. shale gas and […]

Dan Sawmiller, Sierra Club
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Sierra Club: Ohio utilities’ plan to have customers subsidize coal plants ‘doesn’t hold up

COLUMBUS — “I think what we’ve got here, throughout the state, is utility companies throwing spaghetti against the wall and trying to see what will stick. None have benefits for customers. Utilities have a public campaign saying this is all about customers, volatility, economic development. It just doesn’t hold up. They’re […]

Sierra Club to sue AEP over Gavin coal plant; AEP seeking bailouts for the rest of its Ohio coal-burning plants
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Sierra Club to sue AEP over Gavin coal plant; AEP seeking bailouts for the rest of its Ohio coal-burning plants

COLUMBUS, Ohio — “In the wake of a new sweeping coal plant bailout request by Columbus-based American Electric Power, the Sierra Club has put the utility on notice that it plans to sue for federal Clean Air Act violations at AEP’s Gavin Power Plant. Public Justice, a public interest law firm, […]

AEP's Conesville Power Plant
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AEP Ohio files for long-term PPAs for 4 coal-fired power plants

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA — “Under the agreement, AEP Ohio would be entitled to the capacity, energy and ancillary service output of AEP’s ownership share of Cardinal unit 1, Conesville units 4-6, J.M. Stuart units 1-4 and W.H. Zimmer unit 1. The proposal involves about 2,700 MW of generation from the units. […]

The Kyger Creek Power Plant, located near Gallipolis, Ohio
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PUCO slow to act on AEP rate plan

COLUMBUS — “Most of the plan is not controversial, but a small part has led to vocal opposition from environmental advocates and others. That provision says that AEP customers would provide a guarantee of income from the Kyger Creek Plant, a coal-fired power plant in southeastern Ohio. This is part […]

AEP COO Robert Powers says the utility is going to be 'fairly aggressive that the rules won’t work as constructed at the moment.'
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AEP exec: EPA’s carbon plan ‘just not going to happen and something needs to give’

BOSTON, MASS — “The U.S. EPA’s proposed carbon rule has attracted hundreds of thousands of public comments, leading the agency Tuesday to extend its commenting deadline by 45 days, to Dec. 1. That might give American Electric Power Company Inc. more time to hone its argument against the rules. ‘We’re […]

A new poll finds a majority of Ohio electricity customers favor renewable-energy sources and don't want to have to pay to bail out aging coal plants. Photo credit: Kenn W. Kiser/morguefile
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Poll: Most Ohioans say “no” to coal plant bailouts

COLUMBUS — “The utility companies say the proposal would stabilize rates for customers, but Fisher and others argue it would keep electric bills higher than they should be and prevent Ohio from reducing dangerous emissions of carbon, soot, smog and mercury pollution. As they conduct door-to-door canvases educating Ohioans about […]