The AEP building in Columbus.
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Ohio utility seeks to double its fixed distribution charges

COLUMBUS— “In response to an increasing number of customers installing solar power or opting for energy efficiency measures, American Electric Power has asked Ohio regulators to increase the share of distribution charges that all its utility customers must pay, regardless of how much electricity they use. AEP Ohio has seen […]

American Electric Power is currently allowed to cover its fuel costs through a charge to Ohio customers that changes every three months.
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AEP will sell plants if action not taken by state

COLUMBUS — “American Electric Power would like Ohio elected officials to make some big changes to the structure of the electricity market, and quickly. The top executive for the Columbus-based utility said Thursday that the company will wait until about March to see if changes are made to Ohio’s system. […]

Photo by Friscocali / Creative Commons
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AEP to pursue partial restructuring of Ohio’s energy market

COLUMBUS — “American Electric Power Company Inc. is going after a partial restructuring, not full re-regulation, of Ohio’s energy market, its top executive said Thursday. The timeline for the restructuring at the Ohio Statehouse is admittedly aggressive. CEO Nick Akins said stakeholders, including lawmakers and other power generators, are now […]

Consumer groups maintain rate increase cases and power purchase agreements filed by the utilities are muddying the waters of Ohio's energy market.
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Eyeing FERC end-run, Ohio utilities keep pressing state regulators to support old plants

Dayton Power & Light joined AEP and FirstEnergy in asking regulators to approve bill riders to keep aging coal and nuclear generation online COLUMBUS — “Ohio utilities are undeterred by federal regulators’ decision in April to block affiliate power purchase agreements that would have supported older coal and nuclear generation. […]

Use PicMyEnergy Mix to show the energy sources YOU prefer
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Use PicMyEnergy Mix to show the energy sources YOU prefer

CLEVELAND — When you buy a product or service you can mostly get what you want, right? For instance, with a new car purchase you can prioritize things like gas mileage, safety or other features in accordance with your values and needs. Now what about your home’s electricity — is […]

Todd Snitchler (L) and Steven Lesser (R) photo: RTO Insider
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Ex-Ohio regulators debate AEP, FirstEnergy PPAs

Ott, Hughes, Thomas Talk Capacity Market WILLIAMSBURG, VA — “Two former Ohio regulators debated FirstEnergy’s and American Electric Power’s controversial power purchase agreements in the opening session of the Mid-Atlantic Conference of Regulatory Utilities Commissioners Annual Education Conference last week. Steven Lesser, who served on the Public Utilities Commission of […]

The Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station at Oak Harbor, Ohio, would have a guaranteed buyer for all its output if the PUCO approves a FirstEnergy plan. Photo by Kathiann M. Kowalski.
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Advocates weigh in with federal regulators on FirstEnergy plan

COLUMBUS — “FirstEnergy has claimed that consumers would eventually come out ahead, based on its assumption that gas prices will increase significantly over the next eight years. However, a May 2016 report by the Energy Information Administration projects that natural gas prices will remain below $5 per million British thermal […]

AEP confronts coal ‘risks’ with cleaner options
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AEP confronts coal ‘risks’ with cleaner options

CHARLESTON, WV — American Electric Power, one of the nation’s largest power distributors, has historically relied on coal, but increasing pressure from a variety of sources is driving the utility to broaden its horizons. AEP cites a number of risk factors: environmental regulations, such as the Clean Power Plan; a […]

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Will Ohio’s energy industry be re-regulated?

COLUMBUS — “AEP and FirstEnergy customers were on a path where they were going to see increases on their electric bills. Those increases would’ve propped up coal plants that don’t perform well in the market. But the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission — or FERC — stepped in and blocked the […]

Cathy Cowan Becker looks at electric bill in her Grove City home. Photo: Andy Chow
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From the power plant to your electric bill: Federal ruling sets stage for big decisions

COLUMBUS — “What Cathy [Cowan Becker] and the 4.7 million other Ohio customers that pay for electricity might not realize yet is that the future of their electric bills and the energy industry are approaching a monumental moment. And a decision from federal regulators regarding coal plants may have set […]