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Andre Porter
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PUCO chief: Energy’s challenges brought me back

COLUMBUS — “Porter is generally viewed by Ohio energy observers as fair and not easily pushed over – the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association described his remarks last week to Columbus Business First urging utilities to “stop scaring Ohioans” as an ‘ unusually blunt message to the utilities.’ Porter wouldn’t delve into […]

Dynegy Inc. CEO Bob Flexon
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Dynegy CEO: Re-regulation in Ohio would help ‘the weakest in the herd’

COLUMBUS — “Hopes for re-regulating Ohio’s power industry are another example of utilities not wanting to compete, says one of the newest entrants to the state’s power generation industry. ‘They’re used to getting what they want – big, fat margins so they can pay big dividends to shareholders,’ Dynegy Inc. […]

The coal ash disaster at the Kingston Fossil Plant, Tennessee—three years after the spill.
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Politics as dirty as coal ash: House bill lets polluters off the hook

WASHINGTON, DC — “On Wednesday, the House of Representatives will vote on HR 1734, Rep. David McKinley’s (R- WV) sixth attempt at a coal ash bill that protects his largest campaign contributors. This year’s bill weakens, delays or removes critical health protections recently established by the EPA to keep communities […]

Coal industry fighting for survival on 7 fronts
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Coal industry fighting for survival on 7 fronts

WASHINGTON, DC — “Perhaps no industry has inflicted such widespread costs on society as coal. From debilitating black lung disease to the devastating removal of whole mountaintops, from decades of lung-scarring smog to unrestrained emissions of greenhouse gases, coal has imposed its own deadly taxation—hiding the charges under the smoky […]

PUCO Chairman Andre Porter
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New PUCO head puts off ruling on income guarantees for power plants

COLUMBUS — “The new chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio had a chance on Thursday to rule on income guarantees for certain power plants, but he decided to leave the matter open, with no timetable for resolution. Andre Porter was sworn in last month and faces a docket […]

Standing from left to right: Bryan Sonnega, Casey Worth, Christina Calderon, Dan Kerschner, Cory Stewart, Mike Blood, and JC Satt. Front row: Jordan Opst, Jacob VanWagoner, Annie Kreutzber, and Noah Yasi.
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6,677 letters to stop the utility bailouts in Ohio

Cincinnati Canvass Cleveland Canvass CINCINNATI and CLEVELAND — As of May16, 6,677 Ohio Citizen Action members have sent handwritten letters urging the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and Governor John Kasich to stop the financial bailout of Ohio’s outdated, least efficient coal plants. FirstEnergy, American Electric Power and Duke Energy […]

Duke Energy’s coal ash spill from February 2014 sent 82,000 tons of the industrial waste product into North Carolina's Dan River. Credit: Waterkeeper Alliance/Rick Dove
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With huge coal ash fines, Justice Dept. puts industry on notice

In contrast to weak EPA regulations, recent ruling takes a strong stand on mishandling of coal ash by utility giant Duke Energy WASHINGTON, DC — “The U.S. Justice Department’s recent prosecution of three Duke Energy subsidiaries for improper handling of toxic coal ash marked the most significant federal crackdown on […]

No one seems to know who — or what — is poisoning North Carolina drinking water supplies
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No one seems to know who — or what — is poisoning North Carolina drinking water supplies

RALEIGH, NC — “What seems like a clear case of an energy company polluting people’s drinking wells in North Carolina is actually much more complicated, thanks to the state’s rock formations. Last week, North Carolina’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) sent another round of letters to residents living near the 32 […]

Charles Wilson has fished on Lake Robinson for much of his life. He says the lake needs to be shielded from pollution to protect fish.
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Nuclear waste, arsenic at SC coal plant raise concern

DARLINGTON CO, SC — “Pollution test results from last year show that the Hartsville plant’s coal waste pond has released higher levels of arsenic into groundwater than state regulators ever had recorded there. In some cases, the arsenic levels rival those at other power plant sites in South Carolina that […]

William M. Bowen is professor of public administration and urban studies at the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University.
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Denying FirstEnergy’s power purchase agreement would leave Ohio’s regulators three-for-three

CLEVELAND — “The importance and value of distributed generation, renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency has, for a variety of reasons, now become more crucial than ever. Thus, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act requires something on the order of a […]