A new poll finds a majority of Ohio electricity customers favor renewable-energy sources and don't want to have to pay to bail out aging coal plants. Photo credit: Kenn W. Kiser/morguefile
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Poll: Most Ohioans say “no” to coal plant bailouts

COLUMBUS — “The utility companies say the proposal would stabilize rates for customers, but Fisher and others argue it would keep electric bills higher than they should be and prevent Ohio from reducing dangerous emissions of carbon, soot, smog and mercury pollution. As they conduct door-to-door canvases educating Ohioans about […]

The Davis-Besse nuclear plant on Lake Erie east of Toledo.
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Existing cracks in Davis-Besse’s shield building grew

Cracks monitored since September CARROLL TWP — “Cracks in Davis-Besse’s shield building from 2011 grew. First Energy, operator of Davis-Besse, found in September that eight cracks in three locations of the plant’s shield building had grown. In a July 3 letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Davis-Besse reported the cracks […]

Stand up to Duke Energy – Attend a public hearing to stop the bailout
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Stand up to Duke Energy – Attend a public hearing to stop the bailout

Duke Energy, along with Ohio’s other electric utilities, are trying right now behind the scenes to bailout a number of Ohio’s oldest, dirtiest, and least economic coal plants.  What’s worse, they want you and I to pay for it. It’s not right. It’s not fair.  And even if you’re not […]

What’s the problem?
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What’s the problem?

Ohio is at a crossroads about the future of energy use in our state. As ratepayers we need to speak out now. Three of Ohio’s four largest utilities — companies that rarely agree on anything — are teaming up in an attempt to dial back on deregulation. FirstEnergy, Duke and […]

The ArcelorMittal Steel plant in Cleveland, where officials recently self-reported a green-energy shortfall and voluntarily paid a fine to state regulators. (Plain Dealer Files)
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More reasons why FirstEnergy should disclose its energy-efficiency data: editorial

CLEVELAND — “FirstEnergy does share its data inside the collaborative meetings; what it wants kept sealed are the lips of collaborative attendees when they’re outside those periodic gatherings. The Ohio Environmental Council and the Environmental Law and Policy Center oppose FirstEnergy’s request and are asking the PUCO to let the information […]

FirstEnergy Corp. wants its customers to guarantee profitability of its largest coal-fired power plant in Ohio for the next 15 years. The company argues that after the first three years, Sammis would actually make money for customers because wholesale prices would increase. Critics disagree.
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Plans to make you pay more to keep coal-fired power plants running is a ‘bailout,’ and other key findings of new poll

COLUMBUS — “Ohioans want more renewable energy and strongly oppose rate increases to help old, coal-fired power plants continue to operate, a new survey has found. The Sierra Club and Public Citizen, a consumer group, commissioned the random telephone survey of 526 people served either by American Electric Power of […]

FirstEnergy Corp.'s unregulated subsidiary, FirstEnergy Solutions, is retreating from retail sales and returning to generating and selling power wholesale into the regional grid. FES won't be missed, say its competitors, who saw its low fixed-price contracts as unsustainable.
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FirstEnergy’s free-wheeling retail company offered fixed rates that ruined the market, frustrated competitors

AKRON — “About 70 FirstEnergy Solutions sales and sales-support positions will be cut next week, leaving the company’s commercial and industrial customers scratching their heads, and competitors scrambling to grab new customers as their contracts with the Akron-based company run out. Competitors — about 30 of them in Ohio alone — […]

A proposal by FirstEnergy would essentially guarantee a buyer for power from its Sammis power plant near Stratton, Ohio, and other facililties. (Photo by Chris Dilts via Creative Commons)
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FirstEnergy touts benefits of plan critics decry as ‘bailout’

COLUMBUS — “FirstEnergy says a proposed deal between its regulated Ohio utilities and their unregulated generation affiliate would create a windfall for ratepayers. However, the utility has been opaque about releasing information that could shed light on this claim. …Either way, FirstEnergy’s plan presumably builds anticipated costs into the contract […]

Electricity companies seek some regulation
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Electricity companies seek some regulation

COLUMBUS — “Three of Ohio’s four largest utilities — companies that rarely agree on anything — are teaming up in an attempt to dial back on deregulation. The companies — American Electric Power, Duke Energy and FirstEnergy — are asking state regulators to guarantee profits on a select number of […]

FirstEnergy has announced that it would delay planned capital improvements at two of its largest and most critical power plants in Pennsylvania, including the Bruce Mansfield coal-fired power station, above.  Steve Mellon/Post-Gazette
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Energy firm FirstEnergy stops new sales to residential clients

AKRON — “FirstEnergy Corp. has decided that residential customers are as unpredictable as the weather, so it is stopping new sales to them effective immediately. The Ohio-based energy company is reshuffling the customers in its competitive segment — which includes FirstEnergy Solutions, an electricity supplier that competes with utilities — […]