FirstEnergy has asked Ohio lawmakers to create new regulations awarding "zero emission credits," or ZECs, to its nuclear power plants, Davis-Besse east of Toledo and Perry east of Cleveland, in recognition that they do not contribute to air pollution. The ZECs would increase customer bills by 5 percent, could not be avoided even by customers buying power from other companies and provide the company with an additional $328 million a year for up to 16 years. At the same time, FirstEnergy has not ruled out selling the power plants (Credit: Cleveland Plain Dealer).
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FirstEnergy nuclear subsidy would thwart Ohio shale gas, kill jobs says API Ohio

CLEVELAND — “The politically powerful American Petroleum Institute is opposing FirstEnergy’s legislation raising power prices to subsidize its nuclear power plants because it’s a threat to Ohio’s shale gas development. FirstEnergy wants to raise about $328 million a year for up to 16 years, for a total cost of $5.25 […]

Ohio/Pennsylvania: Bracing for economic fallout from failing power plants
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Ohio/Pennsylvania: Bracing for economic fallout from failing power plants

Now is the time to plan for transition CLEVELAND — “If FirstEnergy Solutions goes bankrupt, FirstEnergy would be looking to sell or retire FES coal and nuclear assets. Given the poor performance of the portfolio (as evidenced by the recent write-down of nearly 90 percent of its value), we think […]

Davis Besse power plant near Oak Harbor (credit: Roger Lumpkin / ideastream)
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Residents fear a future without Davis Besse

CLEVELAND — “Ohio has two nuclear power plants – one is about 30 miles east of Cleveland. The other, Davis Besse, is 180 miles to the west. Both of their futures are up in the air right now: sale, closure, bankruptcy are all a possibility. And no matter what happens […]

The Perry nuclear power plant would get a consumer-paid subsidy if a proposal by its owner FirstEnergy is approved by Ohio lawmakers. The company is also hoping the Trump administration will re-design regional wholesale power markets to give more money to companies with large coal and nuclear power plants, even if the power the generate is more costly than that of wind and gas turbine plants. (photo: JOHN KUNTZ)
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FirstEnergy hoping DOE and Ohio will save its power plants

AKRON — “The electric company that championed competitive electricity markets less than a decade ago is now banking on a federal shakeup of those same markets, as well as a handout from Ohio lawmakers. FirstEnergy’s top executive today said the outcome of a 60-day U.S. Department of Energy study into […]

When FirstEnergy closed its old Lake Shore power plant rather than try to update its pollution controls, the company found itself in a disagreement with railroad companies with which it had long-term coal delivery contracts. The railroads argued the company had broken its contracts when it shut down Lake Shore and other old plants and no longer needed the coal. A negotiated settlement is pending (Credit: Marvin Fong).

FirstEnergy’s profits down, FirstEnergy Solutions could be forced into bankruptcy over dispute with railroads

AKRON — “FirstEnergy Corp. says its profits in the first three months of the year were down compared to year-ago earnings, primarily because of expenses to settle railroad coal delivery contracts it no longer needs. …The company on Thursday announced to investors in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that […]

For the second month in a row, natural gas beat coal as the main source of U.S. electricity generation, accounting for 35.2 percent of supplies in August, a government report showed.
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Coal-heavy utilities are changing course as the new energy economy unfolds

NEW YORK, NY — “The marketplace is bruising FirstEnergy Corp.’s competitive businesses and forcing it to pull back and zero-in on its regulated delivery systems where all of its returns are approved by utility commissioners. Other coal-heavy utilities are taking a different tack, however, and investing in the green energy […]

Perry Nuclear Power Station as seen from Headlands State Park, Mentor, Ohio (Credit: Wainstead/Public Domain)
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FirstEnergy CEO says bill is no bailout

COLUMBUS — “FirstEnergy’s president on Tuesday urged lawmakers to require consumers to pay more to keep the lights on at its two struggling nuclear power plants, or permanently risk losing a reliable and valuable source of electricity. Chuck Jones dismissed suggestions that House Bill 178 and its companion Senate Bill […]

FirstEnergy's request that its customers should pay a little extra every month to keep the Davis-Besse nuclear reactor operating has put the company in the middle of a regulatory battle both in Ohio and before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Now financial analysts are concerned about the outcome.
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FirstEnergy nuke subsidy testimony begins, $300 million a year at stake

CLEVELAND — “FirstEnergy’s latest effort to funnel more money from its customers to its struggling power plants got under way late Tuesday with a plea to lawmakers from the company’s top executive. ‘Ohio cannot afford to continue heading down a path that could lead to less fuel-diverse and fewer homegrown […]

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station cooling tower in July 2015 (Credit: Gregory Varnum, Creative Commons).
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Exelon-style nuke bailouts threaten wind, solar

NEW YORK, NY — “The push to save U.S. nuclear plants for the sake of fighting climate change is threatening support for the bread and butter of clean power: wind and solar. New York and Illinois have already approved as much as $10 billion in subsidies to keep struggling reactors […]

The Bruce Mansfield coal power plant can be seen through the windows of the Robert Dean Moore, a towboat with the Murray American River Towing, on the Ohio River on October 7, 2015 (credit: Andrew Rush/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

FirstEnergy awaits judgement that may hasten bankruptcy

PITTSBURGH, PA — “As FirstEnergy Corp., one of the largest electric utility companies in the U.S., is barreling toward a verdict on what to do about its money-losing power plant subsidiaries, a dispute with a couple of railroads may force the company’s hand. A decision in one of several contract […]