The darker orange areas in this map reflect majority Republican support for government funding of renewable energy research.
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Map shows political divide on climate, common ground on clean energy

NEW HAVEN, CT — “A majority of both Republicans and Democrats throughout Ohio favor clean energy policies, such as regulating carbon dioxide emissions as a pollutant and more government funding for renewable energy, according to a new interactive map. Moreover, people would favor those policies despite substantial divides on acceptance of climate […]

The Blue Creek Township wind farm. Photo by Tom Hart / Creative Commons
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Secrecy surrounds pro-coal group eyeing Ohio wind cases

CLEVELAND — “A pro-coal group that has appeared in multiple Ohio wind farm cases has not disclosed its members, raising questions about who funds the nonprofit organization and what relationship it might have to other parties. The Campaign for American Affordable and Reliable Energy (CAARE) has been added to the service list […]

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44 Duke customers speak out against fixed rate increase

CINCINNATI — Retirees, solar industry professionals, engineers, people on the PIP (utility assistance) program and many others told their stories to PUCO regulators last week, as they agency weighs Duke’s proposed fixed rate hike. Their stories differed, but their message was clear- no rate hike. Colerain Township resident Rich McVay pointed […]

The Davis Besse nuclear plant is among those covered by a proposed FirstEnergy settlement. 
Photo by Marc Haserodt / Creative Commons
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Ohio needs a clean energy future, not a no-strings-attached bailout

AKRON — “It’s understandable that FirstEnergy’s hometown newspaper, the Akron Beacon Journal, supports its own utility monopoly. Yet justifying that support and advocating for FirstEnergy’s proposed nuclear bailout on environmental grounds is a surprise…and misdirected. FirstEnergy’s proposal merely is yet another attempt to force customers to prop up its uneconomic power plants. […]

A 90-foot barge is used to extract soil samples and perform pressure tests in Lake Erie, where Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation plans to erect six wind turbines next year. (Photo by Mort Tucker/LeedCo)
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A new green future is building on Lake Erie

Cleveland is on track to lead a nascent offshore wind industry in the U.S., creating clean energy and jobs for a city in need of both CLEVELAND — “Lorry Wagner has spent more than a decade attempting to convince the world that Cleveland has all the ingredients to be a giant […]

Pollution kills more people than anything else
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Pollution kills more people than anything else

NEW YORK, NY — “The most comprehensive report to date on the health effects of environmental pollution shows that filthy air, contaminated water and other polluted parts of our environment kill more people worldwide each year than almost everything else combined – smoking, hunger, natural disasters, war, murder, AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. It’s no wonder then […]

Citizens debate rules on distance between wind farms and Their property
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Citizens debate rules on distance between wind farms and Their property

VAN WERT  — “The Wind Energy industry has been taking off in the Midwest. The number of wind farms in the region has doubled since 2011. In Ohio though, new development worth up to 1.6 billion dollars has stalled because of the debate over set-back rules, the guidelines that govern the distance between […]

How fossil fuel allies are tearing apart Ohio’s embrace of clean energy
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How fossil fuel allies are tearing apart Ohio’s embrace of clean energy

With scare studies, policy drafts and political donations, industry groups turned Ohio lawmakers against policies they once overwhelmingly supported COLUMBUS — “On March 30, Bill Seitz, a charismatic Republican, took to the floor of the Ohio House to make a case for gutting a 2008 law designed to speed the […]

Duke Energy wants to more than triple the fixed charges on your bill
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Duke Energy wants to more than triple the fixed charges on your bill

An electricity rate hike proposed by Duke Energy Ohio will force residential customers in the Cincinnati area to pay more than $200 more a year in fixed fees – before you even flip on a light switch. Duke’s proposal would raise the “customer charge” portion of residents’ bills – from […]

The extra contribution to sea level rise from Antarctica will not kick in if warming is kept at less than 1.9C above preindustrial levels, the researchers found. Photograph: IceBridge/Nasa
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Sea levels to rise 1.3m unless coal power ends by 2050, report says

University of Melbourne paper combines latest understanding on Antarctica and current emissions projection scenarios MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — “Coastal cities around the world could be devastated by 1.3m of sea level rise this century unless coal-generated electricity is virtually eliminated by 2050, according to a new paper that combines the latest […]