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Roberta Pratt outside her home in East Liverpool, Ohio. She said she doesn’t have the money to move away from the nearby industrial facilities. Credit Andrew Spear for The New York Times
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Ohio town, solid for Trump, now frets over EPA slowdown

EAST LIVERPOOL — “In Ohio, a change in state law that was tucked into a budget bill this year cut funding for an inspector in East Liverpool, even as Ohio authorities found continued evidence of air pollution violations at the Heritage Thermal incinerator, according to state records obtained by The Times. […]

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High Manganese levels in kids in East Liverpool linked to lower IQ

PITTSBURGH, PA — “A new study shows kids with higher levels of the metal manganese in their bodies have lower IQ scores. The study, published in the journal NeuroToxicology, looked at about 100 children between the ages of 7 to 9 in East Liverpool, Ohio. The town is about 40 miles […]

Rob Bilott, a lawyer who has spent years fighting DuPont over water contamination, received the Right Livelihood Award for his work. Credit: Courtesy photo
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C8 lawyer given ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’

CINCINNATI — “A lawyer who has spent years fighting DuPont Co. over the company’s toxic C8 pollution has been named among those to receive this year’s Right Livelihood Award, an international honor that is sometimes known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize.’ Rob Bilott, an attorney for residents whose drinking water […]

Samual Corona and Chris Coward are concerned a push to clean up other parts of Chicago will push more polluting industry into their neighborhood (Credit: Kari Lydersen / Midwest Energy News).
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In Chicago, monitoring program part of neighborhood’s clean energy push

CHICAGO, IL — “‘Make sure you note the barbecue,’ Samuel Corona told his 21-year-old nephew, Chris Coward, as they walked by Leon’s BBQ joint on 106th Street on Chicago’s Southeast Side. The aroma coming from Leon’s was mouthwatering, but that wasn’t their focus. Corona explained that smoke from the barbecue could […]

Homes on Norco Street in Norco, La., that sit a few hundred feet from the fence line of Norco Manufacturing Complex photographed on February 1, 2017.  (Credit: Andrew Rush/Post-Gazette)
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Preparing for Chemical Valley: Life between two Shell plants

NORCO, LA — “It was around 4 a.m., a few days before Barbara and Randy Dixon were supposed to move into their new home on Goodhope Street in Norco, La., when an explosion knocked out every window in the house, spreading broken glass like a carpet over the porch. Ceiling […]

Beryllium Ore
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Trump’s regulatory freeze is keeping workers exposed to this toxic material

WASHINGTON, DC — “For decades, the government worked with private industry to cover up a danger to blue-collar workers. The effort had to do with a toxic metal that was used in military and aerospace applications including nuclear weapons. Even today, the substance, beryllium, is still used in electronics, home […]

Since 2012, first Dupont and now Chemours have used the replacement chemical GenX at plantsin the United States and elsewhere to make non-stick Teflon and other products. This plant is in Wilmington, Delaware. (Credit: Wilmington News Journal/USA Today Network)
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Replacement chemical for C8 being studied amid similar health concerns

COLUMBUS — “Scientists and activists who fought DuPont to stop the use of C8 sense deja vu with the spinoff company, Chemours, and GenX, a chemical that replaced C8. European officials announced that they will begin an intensive investigation of the compound next month. Since 2012, DuPont, and now Chemours, […]

Petcoke piles gone, but another dangerous pollutant discovered in the air
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Petcoke piles gone, but another dangerous pollutant discovered in the air

CHICAGO — “Dusty mounds of petroleum coke are gone from Chicago, but federal and city officials discovered a potentially more dangerous type of pollution while investigating the black piles that once towered above the East Side neighborhood. Air monitors posted around two storage terminals on the Calumet River during 2014 […]

‘Public health hazard’ in Ohio has Chicago community concerned
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‘Public health hazard’ in Ohio has Chicago community concerned

EAST LIVERPOOL — “Nearly 400 miles southeast of Chicago, environmental regulators have spent the past 18 years scrutinizing the quality of air in a small city on the banks of the Ohio River. Since 1999, the U.S. and Ohio Environmental Protection Agencies have monitored air quality at three locations in […]

The DuPont name appears above its trading post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Credit: AP file photo
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Dupont, Chemours agree to $670.7M settlement in C8 cases

COLUMBUS — “DuPont Co. said this morning that a $670.7 million ‘global settlement’ had been reached to resolve thousands of lawsuits from Mid-Ohio Valley residents who say they were made sick by exposure to the chemical C8 from the company’s Parkersburg manufacturing plant. In a press release, DuPont said the […]