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Victory! Cincinnati chooses clean, green energy – again


CINCINNATI — “Yesterday the people of Cincinnati achieved another victory in the fight for clean air and to promote renewable energy.

Last week, Interim City Manager Scott Stiles announced that First Energy Solutions would be the city’s electricity supplier and that the contract did not include the “green energy” option. This would have reversed a trend started two years ago when Cincinnati became the largest city in the nation to go for 100% renewable electricity through its aggregation program.

Citizens from all over the city sent emails, attended meetings and offered testimony urging Mayor Cranley, city council and Mr. Stiles not to sign a contract for more dirty, coal-fired power – and they were heard!

This memo from Mr. Stiles’ office confirms, “I have reconsidered the electric aggregation contract with First Energy Solutions (FES), and will be signing on for 100% renewable or green energy as the default for the aggregation customers.”

Please take a moment to thank the mayor, councilmembers and Mr. Stiles for listening to us and making the right choice for Cincinnati’s renewable energy future. Please add your own message and don’t forget to sign your name and neighborhood.

— Rachael Belz, Executive Director,  Ohio Citizen Action